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Hello, I am looking for a friendly and active horde guild for a returning player friend and I. Server does not matter, but he wants to be a turtle druid so guess we are going horde. :)

I have a token and can go 110 once I find a good home. Both of us are 21+

Looking for low drama and relaxed environment. Also would like a guild that does guild runs for raids and 5-mans frequently.


1. Times available & time zone: mainly nights and weekends, CST; I work graveyard, he works normal hours
2. Server preference: none
3. Faction preference: Horde
4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casually hardcore? I like doing a lot of guild runs for PvE content but am relaxed about it. I can heal/dps on a priest and am willing to learn to tank
5. Current progression/experience: me: part of nighthold raid; Him: returning player from vanilla
Good afternoon! <Hubris> is 11/11h, with raids Tuesday/Wednesday 730-1030pst. We are a semi casual guild that prioritizes having fun while progressing. It's more important to us to build on the camaraderie in our tight knit community than just bringing in geared folks. Gear will come, Thats the easy part. Additionally we have an actve roster with random runs happening daily. Our disc is active too! More info-

My btag earthwyrm#1108. Good luck with your search, I hope to hear from you!
we are <cold rage> horde on zul'jin. we are a newly formed guild of long term friends and such. most with aotc and some with mythic abt experience that had just gotten fed up or whatnot with their previous guild and looking to make a fresh start.

we can offer you a active community full of people that are willing to help with gems. enchants and helping with going over logs and character improvement if you need the help.

as a guild we love to do mythic+'s some casual pvp stuff, xmog runs and pretty much anything in between. as well we will also be providing feasts and cauldrons for raids and we also have many alchemist if you need pots
we are looking to kick off raiding in this guild starting next week pushing right into heroic abt and hopefully clearing it. we have a pretty good looking roster so far but are in need of a couple more healers and a couple dps.

our raid times are weekday raid: tues-wed 8-11est
weekend raid: friday 10-12 est
saturday 8-11est
alt run(optional): thurs 8-11est

for more info or if this might interest you plz feel free to reach out @ shadyfaux#1652

thanks for reading and hope you find what you're looking for
Thank you, I found a guild

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