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Every day I see the Lion's Fang and Lion's Heart transmogs running around, and honestly it ruins my day. I went and saw the movie, and have been playing WoW off and on since the beta, but I missed out on these skins and it bums me out. The Lion's Fang in particular is, as far as I'm concerned, the best looking sword skin in the game.

Is there any way whatsoever that these skins will be offered again? Even on the cash shop would be fine, I don't care about pets and mounts but these transmogs are great. Take pity and bring them out again?
You can try posting at General Discussion forum or use the in game suggestions tool.

Members of the development team don't view the Customer Support forum.
You snooze, you lose, you deal, you move on.
03/14/2018 03:59 AMPosted by Beefpatty
Jugend is WRONG this is the Customer Support Forum and you are a customer, so it is within your rights to post here. seeking an answer.

Except the OP is posting a suggestion and feedback which won't be read here since the development team don't frequently visit any of the support forums, all Blue posters have been mentioning this since forever.

Posting any of the community forums like General Discussion is always recommended for any suggestions and feedbacks by the Blues posters here.

It seems as though we have two jealous players bullying a newer player.

I gave the OP proper advice, that's not bullying at all. Also, the OP is hardly new, he has achievements dating from 2008, and he even earned one of the old PvP titles from classic wow.
Beefpatty - You know full well what the CS forum is for and that there are no developers or QA, nor community managers there either.. You've been told countless times by forum regulars AND Blizzard forum staff..

As for the rest of your post - You seem to be looking through rose coloured glasses. Yes, we did have GM interaction, and you could call or ticket for anything..


Ticket times blew out to 2 weeks+ at times..

Things change, you need to get off the high horse and move on. All you're doing is bringing negative attention to yourself constantly. Do you really want to lose posting ability?
Posted by Taeo
been playing WoW off and on since the beta

Current beta is not out yet, notifications for it are out, yes, but we are still in the Alpha as of right now. You do not need to join the bandwagon of forum fibbers who try claiming that they have an Alpha or Beta and if you do, please tell me your toon names. And please contact Джокерр-Brill(EU) as that is the toon name I almost always use and also, I am in a guild as you can join guilds in Alphas and Betas and PTRs. I am also Prevail and Когти-Brill(EU) for my feral druid there. I am telling you this so that you will know that I have gotten just about every Alpha and Beta for about all of Blizzards expacs on my main account.

And I also doubt that you have the Beta, becuase they dont EVER give it out to an ordinary new guy. If you get Aplha, like what i get, it is exepcted that you willl stream vidoes about it, or talk about it to give advice to other players on anything upcoming, NOT come to the forums to try and use it as a bragging right, which you just did, but I know that you do not have it , never have and that comment right there will likely ensure that you never will.

Taeo was talking about Vanilla Beta not BfA Beta. Perhaps you should heed your own words, because it looks like you are the one using it as a bragging right.
Uhhh put a little code in the movie box?

TBH I bought the movie for the free ingame stuff.
I have the sword/shield and the staff/axe. I would have absolutely no problem if they became available again.

I'm firm on my stance: DO NOT REMOVE CONTENT. I hate it. There are some things I'll NEVER get just because it got removed for "reasons".

Main thing that comes to mind....the original ZG tiger. The replacement panther is pretty pathetic compared to that glorious tiger.
03/14/2018 04:19 AMPosted by Jugend
I gave the OP proper advice,

No you didn't.

OP was looking for an actual answer, not just posting into a suggestion thread that will NEVER be replied back to.

03/14/2018 04:31 AMPosted by Nephe
Ticket times blew out to 2 weeks+ at times..

All I see are you guys not really helping him, all you are saying is for him to look somewhere else. I am pretty sure that he knew he could do what was suggested.

He is a custmer and so he went to a forum thread called custmer suppport.

ANd this is his first ever forum post it would seem, so he OBVIOUSLY is looking for help. If the ony post he has ever made was about this, then it must be really improtant to him.

You know full well what this forum is for and that there are no developers or QA here.

Which is why I gave a solution and you did not.

Because all I have seen so far are people who are not helping him at all, but rather are simply trying to brush him aside and with the attitude he is getting here, would general be any better?

Not one single person who has posted here has tried to help or give advice which is EXACTLY what he came here for. OP quite obviously wants to have an actual conversation with someone who works with Blizzard.

And I just assumed that he is new due to the fact that this is his one and only post and also the fact that he does not have a large amount of achievement points.

And yes I DO know that which is the EXACT reason why I am trying to help him. because if I wont, n one else will. AL you guys have done is tell him to go somewhere else, almost as if he were a nuisance to you guys.

OP came asking for help. I gave what answer I could.

You contributed nothing to the post here and actually just went for a personal attack and trying to derail the thread so you know what? I WILLL NOT post here any longer. Go ahead and keep refusing to help OP out and keep trying to act like you all know better than OP by insulting his method of posting.

If you don't like me, just ignore me please and thank you. Good bye. Now I am 100% positive that amount the rest of you, no one will attempt to help the OP.

And yea as he does NOT frequent the forums, there is a chance that this may be one of his only posts that he will ever make, so instead of constantly trying to correct the OP and insult him for posting on the wrong forum section, just try to help. Okay?

03/14/2018 04:31 AMPosted by Nephe
Ticket times blew out to 2 weeks+ at times..

Because there were double the subs with WAY less GMs.

My last post here, I will not be responding.


You had to long in while the warcraft movie premeried for bout a two month time period. I also assumed that he was new becuase I thought that would have been known.
AND that was the only way to get it.

It is now unabtainable.
And seeing as how this was his ONLY forum post he has ever made, EVER, I would just give him the benifit of the doubt and assume that he needed some actual help which I just gave him. So there, that is my ansnwer and also THE answer. problem solved.

I only got annoyed with you people becuase you were being rahter condescending with the OP, by ONLY tlling him he was posting on the wrong thread, or telling him he was doing it all wrong.

I gave the correcet answer. I spent my own time to do it. Ok? None of you did

And YES, you ARE allowed and also encouraged to submit a ticket if you heave an issue with transmog that you think was not given to you by either a glitch OR you can submit this as a sugestion, but he wanted an anser and doing that would give him no anser back.

So you got my answer, it was correct. Have a nice day, Im out.

I really dont seee why NO ONE tried to help him out..not one sinlge person.

It was all personal attacks against me as I tried to help. Oh well.
03/14/2018 05:05 AMPosted by Akatosh
Taeo was talking about Vanilla Beta not BfA Beta.

Which is what 99% of the people who want to try and show they are true vets attempt to do. I highly doubt he had that as he doesn't seem the type who would qualify, sorry. just my opinion. That is an old form trick that someone would say they played during beta from vanilla wow to try and get some prominence over the forums, it was basically a tactic used by old school posters to try and further validate their points So I just assumed. I also assumed that he mean this beta, because mentioning that one has ZERO to do with the post. k now im out

Instead of going out of my way to argue with me, help him, okay? I jus saw ALL of you guys insult him and say he was posting wrong adn this and that, but did not contribute anything. I did and my anwer is up above. read it. ^^^^^^
03/13/2018 07:19 PMPosted by Taeo
Is there any way whatsoever that these skins will be offered again?
You can never tell with Blizzard. It also could be a legal issue, like with the OCC Chopper contest.
03/13/2018 07:19 PMPosted by Taeo
Is there any way whatsoever that these skins will be offered again?

Generally speaking, Taeo, it is unlikely. Usually limited time offers are just that. I'm not aware of any situations, outside of the Recruit a Friend promotion, where we were able to offer previous rewards. The Recruit a Friend promotion was likely special since the rewards simply expanded. As Stonebeard mentioned, the rewards from other promotions likely have legal restrictions around those offers.

As Jugend recommended, if you'd like to see those items be made available again it would be best to post in the General Discussion forum with that feedback. I can't guarantee a response, but the Devs will be able to review your feedback there and take it into consideration.
03/14/2018 06:16 AMPosted by Beefpatty
Instead of going out of my way to argue with me, help him, okay?

They did, in the very first response. Then you jumped in 8 hours later with this inane diatribe making claims for the "general population", which you have absolutely no real data for. Pulling things out of the air and typing them in your post doesn't make them facts. The only person you may speak for is yourself.

As I mentioned before though, you'll want to do so in the appropriate place.

Despite my better judgement I'm going to cover some of what you have said, because it is important to put facts out when faced with misleading information.

03/14/2018 03:59 AMPosted by Beefpatty
GMs used to come in game and interact with us or at least they did on Illidan and Darrowmere servers where I play the most. For both hardcore raiding and taking a break to play with some of my casual friends.

Yes, we had a few programs over the years where Game Masters were sometimes able to interact with players. While it was often fun for GM's and many players appreciated it, it immediately disrupted the population in the area making it about the GM and not about the game.

03/14/2018 03:59 AMPosted by Beefpatty
Blizzard GMs used to talk to you, joke with you and treat you with respect in your ticket. I never felt like I was just a customer back then.....I felt like I was more of a friend because of the immense respect that they gave to us.

Game Masters still do the same, but the fact of the matter is they don't always need to speak with you directly. The goal is to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible so that you can get back to playing. When needed they do talk directly to you and they still tell jokes, GM jokes are kind of a thing still.

03/14/2018 03:59 AMPosted by Beefpatty
There were times when trade chat would become REALLY terrible...then a GM would come into trade and start talking, the trolling would stop, and the insults would stop and people would be like "OMG come to Org there is a live GM here"

Yes, which turned out to be a horrible idea. What happened was the number of people submitting reports for policy violations dropped dramatically. Instead of reporting any inappropriate chat they may see they started assuming that a Game Master was lurking and would just take care of it. While we had good intentions, that program was extremely short lived because of that fact.

And the "OMG come to Org there is a live GM here" perfectly illustrates how much of a distraction a Game Master popping up could be.

03/14/2018 03:59 AMPosted by Beefpatty
You used to simply be able to call Blizzard. Now the # NEVER connects you to a GM the way it used to, instead it has a Deckard Cain answering machine that says you need to dial an extension to get to a GM and the one I used to have got disconnected a few years back, so that is no longer an option.

Only in the very early days were you able to "simply" call Blizzard. It didn't take long before folks called our Billing and Account Service folks for anything and everything related to the game. From suggestions to bug reports, they would simply put in a call. This caused the phone lines to continually be full where folks, not only could sit on hold for 30-60 minutes, but people ended up having to play the redial game simply for a chance to get into the hold queue.

The system we have in place is so we can do things smarter, and direct folks to the phone or live chat system for issues that can be helped through those. And the ticket system for issues that a Game Master actually can help with while also collecting relevant information they need to look into the issue. Not wanting our phone system bogged down with non-service related issues is not bad customer support.

03/14/2018 03:59 AMPosted by Beefpatty
Blizzard has distanced themselves away from the customers completely. And they have become somewhat lazy as well.

No we haven't. We haven't distanced ourselves from our players at all, in fact we have more ways in which we interact with them then ever before.

03/14/2018 03:59 AMPosted by Beefpatty
Blizzard made an official Blue statement a few years back about why there are now no longer any GMs that come in game and they claim it was because gold sellers and exploiters would imitate Blizzard employees and trick people.

I have to call shenanigans on that. The next time you are able to post, feel free to quote your source.

The reason we don't come in-game as much is first, we don't have to. Our tools have improved that allow us to do a number of things through the tools themselves instead of the game client. For instance, we often would have to have to log into the game in order to move a stuck character. That isn't necessary anymore. The same for providing restorations, including compromise restorations which used to be an extremely lengthy process.

as that will NEVER give you the answer and will never solve your problem.

You are correct, providing feedback/suggestions will unlikely give you an answer. It isn't intended to. Providing feedback allows our Developers to get insight into what players would like to see in-game. It isn't guaranteed that you will see that feedback/suggestion implemented, only that our devs do take those suggestions and feedback discussions into consideration.

Additionally, there is nothing... outside of a developmental change to allow the items to be available again that would "solve the problem". It certainly isn't something that a Game Master would be able to help with.

03/14/2018 03:59 AMPosted by Beefpatty
You want to know what the OLD DEV TEAM would have done? They would have said something along the lines of
"Hello, Taeo I see you have encountered a problem with your Lions Fang transmog" and then they would give you the rest of your answer.

No, they wouldn't. A Game Master may say something similar, but it seems you are mixing up Game Masters and Developers something fierce.

A Game Master wouldn't even say it like that, because it isn't an issue with "their Lions Fang transmog", they never had it, so it was never theirs. The entire answer would be something like... "Hello, Taeo, I understand you were inquiring about receiving the Lions Fang appearance from a previous promotion. I'm sorry to tell you that the appearance is no longer available. If you'd like to see it brought back I'd recommend posting your feedback in the General discussion forum or by submitting your suggestion through the in-game option in the help menu."

03/14/2018 03:59 AMPosted by Beefpatty
Jugend is WRONG this is the Customer Support Forum and you are a customer, so it is within your rights to post here. seeking an answer.

Yes, this is the Customer support forum and they are a customer. That doesn't just mean "I'm a customer, you must give into any demand I have because of it"....

Jugend provided the correct advice...the answer being... suggestions are best directed to the appropriate spot.

Alright, I think that covers the most of it. I likely missed some but I feel you will ignore this anyway so hopefully it will be helpful to others.

This was fun. I recommend against continuing to post in this manner though, Beefpatty, I have been extremely lenient thus far.

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