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This is Nifx. I'm looking for a weekend raid guild for my alt shadow priest. In fact, both my main and alt are shadow priests so i know exactly the class and has full experience of all mythic bosses in ABT.

My main is 10/11M. My guild has been extending on argus for weeks and we are about to get the kill really soon. I created this alt to give myself something to do as well as chances to make new friends. Since my main raids on TU/TH/MO, I'm currently looking for a guild that raids on weekends for my alt.

My alt is not fully geared atm (958 geared) but i'm sure it would be easily capable of raiding mythic within 2 weeks of farm. Already have bis leggo and even Amanthul trinket.

Characteristics of my ideal guild:
Mythic raiding time on Sat/Sun, before 12am EST. Friday is also optional.
Prefer guilds with 7/11 or better progress.
Prefer horde but both factions are okay.
Prefer servers with larger population.
Mature group that welcome a SP to join you all the way to getting cutting edge.
Chill, active outside raid time.

My main's log:

Alt's log:
(There's not too much to see and it's not up to date somehow)

If you are interested or want to know more, please feel free to add my btag: Plasmax#11422
I run a raid you may be interested in here are the quick notes:

~ sat & sun raiding; 2pm-5pm est
~ small raid team ~30 people, 6 year old guild, same core
~ focus on good paced progression @ 7/11M
~ alliance pvp mega server, Kel'Thuzad
~ no call outs or finger pointing or shaming in raid, issues handled privately
~ weekday mythic+ farming
~ many 'retired' hardcore raiders who have limited play time now

We're a mellow group of 20-40 y/o where everyone is a familiar face.

If that sounds good hit me up @ realID - trinks#1866


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