<Criminal> 10/11M Late-Night

We're currently looking for a healer with a strong DPS off-spec for Argus, as well as any exceptional DPS to push hard into BFA.

Raiders are expected to do their maximum weekly mythic+ chest, be independently geared for rthr first week of raiding, and learn fights before raid, and ask questions when you don't understand a mechanic

Raid times are Thurs/Sun/Mon 10:30pm-1:30am CST

Feel free to apply at wowcriminal.shivtr.com/ or contact us in-game or via Battle.net
Roflcoptor: GM - Roflcoptor#1431
Whofartd: Co-GM- xBOBxTHOMASx#1675
Obsiege: DPS Officer - Doubleu#1887
Bumparooni, we're in search of 1-2 DPS & a Healer for Aggramar, immediate spots available tonight!
LF relatively experienced mythic raiders to join our team!
Anotha Bump
Come join the fun for BFA!
LFM to join the fun!
Dankest REEEEs this side of the Mississippi
Still recruiting for BFA!

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