<AK> Guild Sales

Sales are over for the expansion.

Thanks for all the support to everyone who purchased, you're subsidizing our fun. Mad preesh - see everyone in BfA!
Great service, would buy again, I didn't even finish my Mango Habanero Wingstop before the carry was done. Bubblerific was very nice and cordial (seems like a really genuine guy, offered me friend prices) Impakt listened to my every word with complete attention and I couldn't even believe it when MDI Topcatz was in the group with me. For an extra 5 million gold he skyped some card tricks for me. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to play with one of the 14 best guilds in the North America region.
Wow what a steal! Not even gold cap for the newest, most unique mount in the game? Astonishing!
So how much additional gold would it take to ensure that even TF items (obviously only things with proper stats) would go to the buyer?
Prices updated!
Bumping for card tricks.
Quick and very professional.Would buy again.

我是一名从马尔加尼斯,美国第二Antorus,美国第三服务中心,美国第三NH的简单招聘人员。 Easy很期待招募一名全职防护圣骑士。在BFA中我们的目标是完成十大世界,以及我们正在寻找的最佳阵容。我对你的日志印象非常深刻,所以我个人想与你联系申请。我的联系信息如下,让我知道!

Sent a few people to this guild!! They said it was great :)
Buy our stuff, we do it faster and cheaper
Spots for Gul'dan open for this coming week.

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