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Guild Recruitment
From Ashes is a fun, social, and mature guild on the Alliance side of the Whisperwind/Dentarg server. We came together out of a strong desire to form a family-like community who wanted to play the game in a friendly low key environment while still managing to kick butt and have a good time doing so.

Have a full time job? Kids? Need an environment that understands that real life comes first? From Ashes is for you! We cater to those 21 and older who want to do anything from raiding to mythic + to farming old achievements and mounts.

Our raid teams like to have fun in a low stress environment while pushing normal and heroic progression. We are currently running 2 raid teams, both running on the same days and times. We expect you to be on time and prepared with food, flasks, enchantments and consumables, along with a basic understanding of the fights.

Inexperienced? We are willing to help you learn, as long as you are willing to put the effort in for us as well!

Team Salad is currently 8/8 N, 4/8 H Uldir.
Team Red Rocket is currently 8/8 N, 3/8 H Uldir.

At the moment we are looking to recruit a tank for Team Salad.

We raid Sunday and Wednesday, 8pm-10pm CST (server time)

Not interested in raiding? We do everything from mythic + dungeons and N/H raiding to WQs and alt runs to achievement, xmog, and mount runs.
We are looking for all classes to build up multiple consistent mythic and Mythic+ dungeon teams as well!

Are you ready to rise?
Contact me via BattleTag: Chelusa#1974
Contact our officers in game: Jyou (GM), Namaah (myself, Officer), Jubalo (Officer), Annakin (Officer), Cobraðru(officer), or Aperthir (officer)
We would love to add a boomy and a warlock to our core raid team!
We are still looking to add a few more to our raid team to finish out H-Antorus and go into BfA! If you're new to raiding (or just haven't done it in a long time) don't be afraid! We are more than willing to take the time to help teach and gear you if you are willing to put in the effort! And, as always, accepting those looking for m+ and just a fun social/ casual atmosphere!
Still searching for a boomy and a warlock to join our raid team!
We are still looking for a boomkin to join our raid team!
Still looking for a boomy to join our raid team. And we are always recruiting those just looking for a fun, social guild! We love to do m+ and have a Saturday raid that all members can attend! If you're looking for a guild family send me a btag request !!
Still recruiting!
We are still recruiting! :)
We are still recruiting to finish out legion and into BfA!
We would love to add a few more dependable people to our raid team to finish out Legion! Would love a warlock, boomkin, and a monk or shaman healer!
Looking for a fresh start I can’t raid all the time but I want a guild where when you ask anyone want to run this with me you don’t get complete silence and no offers
Hi Songgi,

We would love to speak to you! If you would like send either myself Wyrmbreaker#1415 or Namaah Chelusa#1974 a BT request and we can hook up and chat! I look forward to speaking with you!
I sent a battle tag thing and made a toon on the server the battle tag was dougst78 and the toon I made for now is called devildrive I got a invite in
Come join our family!
We are still recruiting!
Still looking for a boomkin and a warlock for our raid team!
We are looking for a healer to finish out legion and go into BfA!
We are still interested in adding a warlock to our raid team! And we are always recruiting those interested in casual play and mythic +!
We recently achieved AOTC! Would love to add a few more dedicated dps to our raid team to finish up Aggramar and Coven!
Our raid team is full but we still are welcoming those interested in the social aspect as well as m+!

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