[H] <Fun is For Casuals> 8/8H LF Casuals

We have pie.
Either myself (ranged DPS) or Dazmodeus (tanky-type) would like to chat with you when you are available. I did send a friend request (from Skyview) in-game, because I thought you might be on an alt or something. I didn't want to disturb those who were online doing things.

See you in game!!
Hi Ketesca.

Thanks for the interest and we are always looking for more DPS...I drag us down a lot so we need help. Dober should be on tonight and if not I'll watch for you as well.
Updated progression. 5/8 Heroic Uldir. Looking for melee and ranged dps to share our waffles. Come help us carry Heavenzdevl.
Well, Heroic Uldir is complete. Still looking for people to join the fun. Preferably ranged DPS or someone with Tanking experience who wouldn't mind stepping in from time to time.

Fun group of guys and gals who slay dragons by night and have engaging discussions about Canadian politics in Discord by day.

Come join the fun.
Happy Halloween everyone. Still looking for ranged dps or melee with a tank offspec for Uldir farm and beyond.
Still looking for folks to finish Uldir Farm and move in to Siege of Zuldazar.
Hope everyone is having a nice Veterans Day weekend. Still looking for ranged dps and a melee dps who doesn't mind tanking every once in a while. Come join in on the fun.

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