[A&H] <Ex Inferno> is LF you!

Looking for a place to call your home? The last guild you’ll ever have to join? Look no further than <Ex Inferno>, an 18+ gaming community with over a decade of presence in World of Warcraft! We have players on both the thriving Horde side (Area 52) and the budding Alliance side (Stormrage). Come together on our very active Discord to group with a plethora of other players doing whatever you love to do; mythic+, raiding, PvP, achieves, collecting, farming, flying in circles in Dalaran while you chat aimlessly for hours about nothing—whatever! You’ll find like minded people here to do it with you! Or pop into one of the many other games our community plays!

Not a raider? Not a problem! Ex Inferno isn’t just for the raiding community. We’re open to anyone looking to play with some great people! We’re especially great for those who want to play on both the Horde and Alliance side with familiar faces on each, though playing both factions is not required.

Interested in raiding?
    Team Pink [H]
    Wed 8:30 - 10 pm EST
    Friday 8:30 - 11:30 pm EST
    Heroic progression – The working man’s progression raid.

    Team Green [H]
    Mon/Tues 8:30 - 11 pm EST
    Mythic progression – Have fun. Play hard. Personal accountability.

    Team Red [H]
    Fri/Sat 9 pm – 12 am EST
    Mythic progression – Hold my beer and watch this!

    Team Orange [H]
    Wed/Thu 8:30 – 11 pm EST
    Flexible progression - the fun, learning team!

    Team Purple [A]
    TBD (Most likely Thu 8 pm – 12 am EST)
    No progression. Forming in BfA – One night stand.

Can’t find a team that meets your time and/or playstyle? Ex Inferno is always open to new raid teams! Contact an officer for details!

Head over to exinferno.com to see what we’re up to and, while you’re there, grab the link to our Discord server! Everyone is welcome to come in and chat!

Want some more information or are interested in joining? Here’s how to contact me!
Battlenet: iamadecoy#1447
Discord: Ytesia#1692

Or join our Discord and ping us with an @Officer tag. An officer will get back to you for chatting ASAP!
Hmmm...I have Horde on Area 52 AND Alliance on Stormrage....
Glad to see you in our Discord last night, Syllver! Hope you had a good conversation with Metal! I'll be on today and tonight Alliance side playing. =D
Updated the future Team Purple's motto to go straight for the innuendo rather than being slightly subtle about it.
Updated all the teams progression!

Purple is raiding normal ABT for fun this Thursday! Join us!
It's Thursday! Join us in normal ABT tonight!
Raiding normal again tonight! Come have fun and hang out!
Normal tonight!
Purple did a few heroic bosses last raid, but pugs suck. Spring break was last week, so raid was cancelled, and this week the RLs will be out to Infinity Wars. Still recruiting for BfA, though!
We paused recruitment until closer to BfA launch as most of the activity in the guild is on the Horde Area 52 side, but anyone interested for BfA is more than welcome to contact me and start talking now!

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