Rank 3 Mining Recipes

Has anyone seen in increase in the Rank 3 mining recipes? I am still missing most of them and wondered if its my usual bad luck or if Bliz intents is for us NOT to get Rank 3 mining recipes. LOL
I haven't even seen a rank 2 quest item drop. I'm guessing the drop rate is rather rare, once the prerequisite quests are completed.
There are a couple I still don't have, and am beginning to think that they will never drop. Heck, the live leystone and felslate don't even seem to spawn very often anymore, so I guess I'll never get those rank 3 recipes.
Wanting to collect at the recipes is now kinda pointless since it almost impossible to farm the rank 3 mining recipes. UGH
I find the entire rank system frustrating. I'd prefer a quest chain of some sort to unlock the skills as opposed to RNG.

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