Mythic Gul'dan Mount Farm

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Hello Everyone!

Our guild, <Dont Die>, is putting together a weekly Mythic NH farm group to obtain 20 Gul'dan mounts, however we are a few DPS and maybe 1 tank short of being able to have 20 raiders to run through Mythic NH with.

The runs are currently planned for Mondays at 8-10:30 CST (will be shorter once we unlock the skip.) You must be able to attend ALL Mondays until everyone has the mount (or you will be placed on the bottom of mount priority).

We are currently seeking 3-5 DPS and maybe 1 tank that can help us out. If you are interested please drop me a line in-game or add me War#1291. PS IF you already have the skip unlocked and are willing to help us out, please let me know.
Hey there. Im after the mount myself and i think i can help your guild out. I have the skip to last 2 bosses making it very easy to farm. All i want in return is the mount. I might be able to bring a few friends also to help out. Hit me up on Bnet to hash out details. I sent you a Btag invite


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