Is Rogue Fun?

I'm debating on what to make my new Nightborn once I unlock it, and I'm considering Rogue because it is the one class I have never really played.

It was the first class I ever made back in Vanilla on my original account, but I got to level 40 and ditched it to make a druid instead (I learned that feral druids could sneak around in stealth too, and that was what had drawn me to rogue in the first place, but being able to turn into cool animals too was too good to pass up!). I abandoned my rogue and never looked back.

I've never really played classes that can't either tank or heal, and my favorites tend to be ones that can do both (Monk, Paladin, Druid). But I am considering trying out Rogue.

I was hoping to get opinions though, on why you like rogue, what you enjoy most about your class.

I know the only way for me to see if I like it or not is to try it, but I'm hesitant to commit so much effort to slogging through the leveling grind on a class I may not like (and I can't properly judge the class on it's leveling because the best stuff comes when you get all your abilities and talents).

So I was hoping to get your opinions on the class, just to help me decide if I should take the plunge.
because... rogue.
fun is subjective really. i myself found myself enjoying the rogue alot. try a 100 trial and see what you think of it.
So far IMO it's the most fun class WoW has to offer, and I've played 7 different 110's and all roles before. But as I said, my opinion, try it out for a bit or take a piece of paper and write down what you want in a class and try to match it to an existing class.

Rogues are a solid choice right now, 2 very viable specs (glares at RtB) and a bunch of neat mog options.
if you've never leveled a rogue you may find it a bit annoying compared to some other classes. I'm currently leveling my nightborn (61 right now) and it'll be my 5th 110 rogue once it's capped, so I'm kinda used to it now.

But basically you don't have any AoE really until quite late in the leveling process (you only get fan of knives at 63). however, you can quite easily take on 2-3 mobs at a time once you get venomous wounds (can't remember the exact level, late 40's early 50's maybe)

I find with rogues, most people either love playing them or they don't. Having 5 of them, you can guess which camp I fall into. :)
just make one and play it to level 70 or so. we cant tell you if you will like it or not
As stated above, try the class trial, I'm @ 74 on this girl, biggest thing I had to get used to is I'm used to playing classes I can grab everything in an area and AOE down, that's not the case for rogue. But, the control you have (sap, blind, evasion) are hella fun and I'm loving it right now. And honestly I'm not missing the AOE fest. First time through the new leveling experience too though so not sure if that's changed that.
Did notice a big bump in damage after mid 60's though
I used to main rogue and stopped at legion launch because I forgot why I enjoyed it. I recently got it to level 110 and did a few BGs and remembered why it was fun.


In random BGs especially flag caps (TP, WSG) it is really fun to find the EFC running the flag and sapping the healer while the EFC still runs the flag. You can keep the healer locked down for a good 20+seconds (30 if the run is far enough). You may not kill the EFC right then but your team will have to deal with 1 less healer on the run which may get the EFC down.

It made me realize there is so much more fun than just doing damage. You can save your EFC and healers by spam CSing everyone into a nice stun.

Plus being able to pick and choose your fights its great.

I don't have any PvE perspective though
I love my Rogue. I exclusively play Outlaw though.

I’ve only ever really played Melee classes.
- Ret in Vanilla, TBC, WotLK, and MoP
- Frost/Unholy DK in Cata, WoD, and some of Legion

I can’t go back to the other classes anymore.

At first it was tough to play a Rogue.
In BGs, it was so easy to just spam everyone with tons of Damage with my DK mindlessly.

I felt super weak on my Rogue due to that at first. I was probably trying to play more like a Warrior.

With the Rogue, the whole way you play the game feels different.

You can choose to either control, do damage, a bit of both, or easily run away lol.

As for PvE, I really like the combo point/energy system. The long fights are fun.
I enjoy the 1sec GCD.

I’m only now starting to raid more.
Came from an entirely casual background (random BGs and Dungeons). So far, no complaints!

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