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970 11/11H Pally Tank LF Weekend Raiding Guild.
I am on the East Coast favoring 7 or 8pm raid times getting done by 10-10:30pm EST.

- I have a 2650 Raider.IO
- Very Solid Parsing Logs in both DMG, HPS, and TMI
- Never miss raids
- Seeking raid team that doesn't carry ppl bc they are friends
- Seeking M+ Groups and Mythic Raid Team (Will help a Heroic group form a Mythic roster)
- My focus is to kill bosses and progress. I could care less about wipes.

Heya. We're looking for more for a few more to round out a good roster for Mythic progression. We're currently 2/11M.

We like to play other games together too, and hang out on Discord pretty much everyday. We're fairly serious about progression, but we tend to be strict about ending our raid at the designated time. Most of us are in our mid-20s.

We're on Bleeding Hollow US, Horde, and raid Saturday and Sunday from 8 to 11PM EST, come and grab a hot one and join us!

Add my BNET: Chronostasis#1748 if you're interested.

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