Elemental Shaman DPS (Leveling)

Last night my wife was leveling an elemental shaman and I was running a fury warrior. We were tracking dps, and she consistently was 3rd or 4th in damage when running leveling dungeons (this was in the 40-65 range).

Today I watched a few videos, read a few guides, and then ran a few dungeons with this shaman. I was also 3rd or 4th in damage for each encounter.

My rotation was drop totems, flame shock, lava burst, 3 or 4 lighting bolts, lava burst, repeat until 100 maelstrom and then earthshock. If there was more than one mob I used chain lightning instead.

What can we do to improve our dps output for our level elemental shaman?
https://www.stormearthandlava.com/ is a great resource, though more so for max level shamans.

I think the draw back to ele shamans is the long cast times, even at low levels. Most everyone else has instant cast spells or shorter cast times. But we kill it in AOE damage because of chain lightening and earthquake. Don't forget earthquake. If you have it.
Elemental is not tuned properly at lower level. If you want the perfect example of this, try dps as Restoration in a dungeon at that level - you will do more dps. Pre 7.3.5 when I leveled in dungeons and didn't need to heal I would usually be 1st/2nd as dps in Resto
Resto shaman does more dmg at lower levels in dungeons. Also you can heal at the same time and top dps on boss fights.

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