[A]Cross server raiding-casual, laidback

Nazgrel, Nesingwary, and Vek'nilash
Hello all!
Little bit about us:
Casual, laidback guild- RL comes first(jobs,kids,school,etc)
Family friendly
We're not an elitest guild, we are here for fun!
Most members are 25+ yrs old
No drama!

Staring normal ABT and looking for more….
Looking to begin the adventure into Antorus and in need of a few roles. Casual group that seeks those with a growth mind-set and not fixated on meters, logs, ilvl, or prior experience. Schedule would be ONCE a week on Friday or Saturday night for 2-3 hrs beginning at 7:30pm CST. (5:30pm PST, 6:30 MST, 8:30pm EST.)
-Personal loot
-Start 7:30pm CST
-Have bonus roles, repaired and consumables (or equivalent) if cross server
-Food, enchants, gems, repairs supplied (unless cross server due to existing limitations)

Current roles:
Need more tanks!
-OS tanking g2g!

Paladin (OS Tank or DPS)
Need more Healers!

Monk (Heal OS)
Aff. Lock
Bal Druid/Hunter
Need more!

Other Activity outside of raiding:
Social events, mog runs, achieves, weekly in game events, and lots and lots of 5 mans (different levels, regular, mythic and M + (up to lvl 15)
All players are welcome, but we do run dungeons, WQ and old content (rep/mount/pet/achieve) more frequently than other stuff (leveling, pvp)
Discord-We use it alot!

Please post for more info!
Btags: Nova#12158, pawprint#11540
Hi, me and my husband are looking for a guild to join and yours sounds perfect. My husband heals on shaman and can raid on Saturdays, i am a casual player but i can raid with you i have a 934 monk and a 936 ret pally. We both love helping guildies. :) my btag is EasyTarget#11653
Sounds great guys! We will chat on btag!
Hello, just added you both on btag. I'm in a guild that was our family guild a few years back, but now I'm the only member active. Would love to play with you all. Used to raid often, would not mind doing it again. Weekends are fine with me, as I'm in bed by 9pm most weekdays. Hope to hear from you all soon!

I am also looking for a new home to raid in. My battletag is Lungbreaker#1528

Me(Demon Hunter, Death Knight, Shaman), my wife(rogue), and friend(hunter) are looking for a guild for the next expansion. I have some experience with raiding back in Burning Crusade and current LFR but my wife and friend are fairly new to end game content and guilds in general. We are looking for a casual guild to join and have fun. My btag is ZombieJesus#1587 please feel free to msg.
Hi Seddora!

Would you be interested in merging, or perhaps teaming up for bigger raids/mythics when BFA opens up?

If you are interested, you can email me at frostyguy84@gmail.com, add me on battlenet (Cuartic #1861), or add our GM (junakm11 #1298).

Looking forward to speaking with you!

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