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Guild Recruitment
Progression has been updated! Grats to everyone!
Team Orange had their first raid night last night! Yay!
I will be away for the next few days, so if you add me on bnet you won't get a response. But I will answer Discord messages!
Progression updated! Purple and Orange raiding tonight! Orange got AotC last week. Let's see if they can do it again!
Busy, busy month, but we're still recruiting!

Green has slowed raiding for the summer until BfA, now just raiding Monday nights.
Green and Red have paused raiding until BfA, but Pink and Orange are still active, are the out of raid activities! M+, achievement runs, mount runs, and more!

I'm the new recruiter for team Orange. We're looking for anything and everything to help fill out our roster for BfA. We're especially in need of tanks, as we currently have none dedicated to our team. :-)
We're still recruiting!
Blizzard has brought us a 25% off sale for character services, and character transfers are now around $20, after tax. This is a great time to transfer over and join, if you've been wanting to!
Our current needs for Orange going into BfA are as follows:

We've now got two tanks, but are looking at having at least 1 more DPS with off-tank capabilities. We're also looking for non-leather healers. We're pretty full on Resto Druids, but will consider all other healers.

Give me a shoutout in our guild Discord, or send me a private message - Skittles#0569
Does Team Purple's No Progression mean Normal only?
We are still looking for DPS and healers for our Orange Team. Hit me up in Discord if you're interested.

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