Regency 4/11M LFM

Guild Recruitment
Horde ~ Mal'Ganis
Raid Team 00: Legends of Chaos

11/11H -- 4/11M Antorus

Raid Times:

Wed/Thu 7:00pm to 10:00pm CST (server time)

Currently recruiting (Updated 2/21/18) :

Death Knight - Closed
Demon Hunter - Closed
Druid - Closed
Hunter - Open MM
Mage - Open
Monk - Closed
Paladin - Closed
Priest - OPEN (Shadow)
Rogue - Closed
Shaman - Open (Ele/Resto)
Warlock - Open
Warrior - Closed

All exceptional DPS may apply! MUST have logs to apply!
contact vaixe#1785 with any questions
Cool peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
say whhhhaaaaattttt!!!
still looking
blup blop
still looking
still looking reset in 2 days
4/11m portal keeper down
going 5/11 tomorrow we are raiding 2 nights a week Wednesday and Thursday !!
still looking
still looking for more
still looking

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