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Wyrmrest Accord
Attention all loyal children of Quel'thalas!

By authorization of Lady Alleria Windrunner herself, a new Farstrider order is to be formed, under the leadership of Lady Leynarria Mistfire. Using the new powers of the Ren'dorei, they are to be a new breed of ranger, striking without warning and disappearing into the shadows.

Applications to join are available within the Stormwind Embassy. We seek experienced Ren'dorei soldiers of all talents, be they in the sword, bow, or magic. All Ren'dorei who wish to reclaim Quel'thalas from the Horde usurpers are welcome.

Selama ashal'anore!
-Ranger-General Leynarria Mistfire

About the Voidstriders
The Voidstriders are a new void elf exclusive heavy RP guild looking for new recruits! We're a military-based guild with a Farstriders theme, with uniforms and drills. We have weekly events, both social nights and story-driven missions, which use our own unique D20 system emphasizing control over the void.

All void elves are welcome. Although we are primarily a Farstrider-themed group, we accept void elves of all classes: Shadow priests to help the rangers overcome the whispers, mages to provide support and portals, warlocks to rain fel upon the enemy.

We strive to create a friendly OOC environment to allow people to make new friends and meet other void elf RPers. Members are welcome and encouraged to create their own events in addition to the weekly ones to further their own character's development and plotlines. We're also LGBT+ friendly!

Contact Us

If all of this sounds interesting to you, please apply to join us! We require a short and easy application, followed up by a brief IC induction. The application, along with screenshots, guild rules and guidelines, and more can all be found at our website, located here: https://www.guilded.gg/voidstriders.

In addition, you can ask questions here in this thread, or contact me in game (Leynarria).
This here be a good place for all the inky elves! More inky elves should think about coming here.

All jesting aside, the GM here is incredibly passionate and dedicated to creating an active atmosphere for people to thrive in. Legitimately recommend and there are also just some fine people abound in <Voidstriders>
Bumping this!
Had the chance to RP with Leynarria the other day and it was totally lit; from what I heard about the guild, it seems like a really solid place for those Void Elves just getting into the swing of being blue and cool!

Looking forward to seeing where the guild goes!
Looks and sounds very cool. I sent in an app a bit ago. I look forward to the reply!
I dropped an app yesterday. I honestly don’t know how well of a fit Val may be, but I like this concept. More than anything I’m looking for an ooc association with other velf characters.
Bumping this!
Free void cookies to everyone who joins
Closing recruitment for now to adapt to all the new members we've received! Will post again when we're open <3
Bumping this to announce that recruitment is open again!
Do you guys have any non-military positions? Something along the magical studies and research, R&D type thing. Or maybe some non-combatant positions in logistics, communications, or some such.
04/05/2018 07:07 PMPosted by Caileanmor
Do you guys have any non-military positions? Something along the magical studies and research, R&D type thing. Or maybe some non-combatant positions in logistics, communications, or some such.

Sort've. We have need of Shadow Priests / Void researchers to assist our members in coping with the void, as well as to just better understand our condition. However, we're still open only to Void Elves.
Hello everyone!

I've been really busy. I got married just last weekend, have been applying for a new job, and a whole lot of other things.

That said, I should be free starting now!

Despite my absence we have still had regular social nights and the occasional story event. With BfA just around the corner, we have plans to really kick things into overdrive, including an IC run of Battle for the Undercity once it drops.

So, I'm opening up recruitment once more. As always, you can find our website here:
Bumping this thread once more to let everyone know we're still recruiting and just ran an IC Siege of Undercity. We're still recruiting, and are specifically looking for more casters (priests, mages, warlocks, etc.) to add variety to our ranks. We're going to try and have more events geared towards casters as well.

Once again, you can find our website here:
I think, that this Guild shall have another new member soon...
Bumping again, our website is the same as before and we're looking for new members! We have lots of exciting things planned for the upcoming patch.
This sounds like an awesome idea! My character is not technically a void elf, but if she were I would totally check you guys out ^^

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