<A> Misguided is recruiting!

Muradin and Nordrassil
Misguided is a newly formed raiding guild looking to clean up Heroic Antorus and get ready for BFA

We are currently just 9 friends who have been raiding together for a while now, and with the help of some pugs, are 9/11 Heroic as a guild, but quite a few of us already have AoTC

We are looking for any an all able bodies willing to run mythics, raid, and have a good time, non raiders who just like social fun and dungeons are also welcome aboard :]

We like our raiders to be consistently be performing in the 50th or higher percentile per warcraft logs on their main toon, if anyone needs to swap as mechanics dictate, this will be dropped as you are going out of our way to help us on an encounter.

If a relaxed but forward moving good time is what you are after, come give us a shot!

Feel free to whisper an online member, or whisper my directly, or via battle net
Excellent folks to run with, they should be AOTC in no time. If I could clone myself and find more free time I'd be here too!

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