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950 Prot pally looking for a full-time tanking spot. Currently 4/11H (Garothi, Hounds, Council, Imonar, with a few pulls on Hasabel). I've been tanking since Vanilla and maining Prot pally since BC, with plans on being an omnitank by BfA for flexibility. I have a lot of high-end raiding experience, but I’m not looking for anything super hardcore. Mythics aren’t even a requirement–I’d be happy in a casual Heroic-only guild if it meant getting to tank full-time.

Older adult, reliable, dependable, have missed two raid nights in six years, really !@#$ing love tanking and don’t really want to do anything else in-game.

Not available Saturdays (availability is otherwise REALLY open), not really interested in a faction transfer. Please know that I can't really afford a realm transfer right now due to an RL emergency, though I'd be willing to trial with you cross-server and roll an alt in the guild to hang out--it would probably be 2-4 weeks before I could transfer.

Logs available on request.

Bnet: ArchonGabe#1175
Discord: verilyvarian#2880
Still looking!
Still looking!
Hey man we can probably get something going. It’s hard to find a full time tank position. I’m planning to stick to Guardian Druid. Hit me up @sugarbearjon#1635

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