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Moon Guard
Trying to get back into WoW after a 7ish year break, I feel as if I'm starting from scratch.

Been looking for a more active server to play casually on, and a friend who might be getting back into WoW as well was considering transferring a character or two to Moon Guard. Thought I might join him.

Though I'm not much of an RPer, I'm still looking into a decent sized guild for the social aspect of the game. Probably won't have much time for serious raiding. Any suggestions?
I left my low pop server about a year ago and came to Moon Guard. It was a great decision. From my experience it's a laid back server. One of my favorite things about this place is all the random stuff you'll run across here. A few months back, I ran into three people dancing on a fountain in Lion's Rest singing in /s. Then there was a memorial for King Varian on the one year anniversary of his death that was really well done by a group of RPers. I may not RP much, but it's fun to see what others planned for large RP events. It's really fun place to be.

As for guilds, there are several massive guilds on here with guild populations over 900 people. A lot of guilds are RP guilds and a lot aren't. Some guilds are just for social interactions like what you're looking for and others are raiding guilds. There are a ton of players here for you to interact with. Even in the open world, you'll run across people.

However, with what I just said, their is a quite a large disproportion between Horde and Alliance. The vast majority of players on Moon Guard are Alliance. I'm not saying the Horde doesn't have a presence, they do, but it is nowhere near the Alliance.

So I would definitely recommend this place if you want an active server with a social population because Moon Guard absolutely has it.
Last time I RP'ed was a small D&D adventure, I just sat on the sidelines and shot arrows at orcs/kobolds.
One of my prouder moments was throwing a halfling rogue at an enchanted sword which was guarding a chest we were both after.
And firing a critical arrow through a bonfire at an unlucky kobold, causing it to violently explode.

I'm not too concerned about the lack of horde players, I'm not into PVP. Only time I cared about PvP was Wintergrasp during wrath (I played on an alliance heavy server so we held that zone most of the time) and a couple of minor PVP based achievements. Though I bribed someone with a horde alt to help with those.

Thanks for the info, I'll probably transfer when/if my friend does.

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