alliance weakest link

Frostmane, Ner'zhul, and Tortheldrin
dont play on this server cluster, or at least don't play alliance. people are afraid to world pvp when it's so broken.
thats true
I have played on Ner'Zhul since launch where world PvP has always been a thing. I will say that it has been horde heavy on the PvP side of things for years. I normally only go ouyt with my guildies or other ally when doing WQ or other content because it always seems to be a 1 ally for every 10 horde ratio. to be fair to the horde players that is what they do, stick together. The one benefit i would point out is that since horde are so used to dominating us all the time if you get in their faces and smack them around a bit they get tired of it real quick and run. The horde dont defend very well because they dont have the experience with it. dont be discouraged just team up and take them down.

Is Amygrant back?
Furious Lobster, Sin City Horde, Kaizen, East Bay Tigers, Orange Snipe, Save the Fruit Vendor, TRx, Obsidium, Gladiator Clabont, Schism

Any of these guilds still around?

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