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Looking for an active, laid-back group to do content with on a regular basis. EST, on every evening and weekends, willing to transfer servers. Interested in PvP, Mythic+, and Raiding. Not interested in overly sweaty or toxic groups. Very committed- I'm here until BfA and beyond. Have several 110 alts to fill other roles as needed.
Hey there! I'll post my spam below. Right now we're looking for dps and a tank with a dps OS for when one of our tanks is missing or has work. So if that's of interest to you I hope to hear from you :)


We are "The Bathtub Club" located on Area-52, a highly populated horde server.

About Us:
We are a newly relocated guild of veteran players, looking to recruit and build up to progress into mythic content and high level keys. We are generally very laid back, however we will be taking raiding very seriously, in mechanics, attendance. We are 9/11H right now while we rebuild our team and looking for more players to fill our ranks to move into Mythic.

Guid Policy:
If you can't carry your weight, you will be sat, regardless of guild rank.
BOE drops are for the guild bank to provide flasks, food, enchants, gem, etc.
RC Loot Council is used.
We have fun and goof off during trash, but once raid boss starts it is time to get serious.

Raid Times:
Tuesday & Thursday: 6pm-9pm PST // 8pm-11pm CT // 9pm-12am EST

#battlenet // Discord
Brittany#12931 // brittany#0219

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!
Hey Ursa!

We are Nerd Brigade located on the Proudmoore server and are currently seeking a new tank for our Tuesday night raid team 6-9 pst. We are a laid back group of people dedicated to keeping the game light and drama free.

We are currently 11/11 normal and are starting to venture into heroic, now 2/11. While we may be small in numbers we are goal oriented and are aiming to start the next x-pac strong.

We are also looking for ranged dps so if you prefer playing that over tank we encourage you to play what you like.

If you have any questions feel free to add my tag monsterkitty#1196
Hope to hear from you soon!
Hey Ursa,

Mature Content is recruiting primarily RPDS, Healers, and a Tank. Many of the current members either have AOTC or close to it. We looking for a core group of raiders before we decide to venture into Mythic.

We are also across multiple servers.

Our current raid times are on Thursday and Sunday at 11PM EST to 2 AM EST.
Requirements: 940 ilvl

Any Questions feel free to message me on Bnet.
Add my battletag BJensen28#1130 would love to talk to you
Hey Ursa, would be interested to talking with you, add me to battlenet if you like what you ready below.

Sacred Destiny on Doomhammer(Alliance) Casual Herioc/Mythic guild
Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 630-10 PM MST(830-12 EST)(530-9 PST)
Optional Alt Normal run on Wednesdays at same raid times
Also run Mythic + with guild groups throughout the week to help everyone get their 15 for best gear in weekly chests.

Loot Distribution: RClootCouncil

Recruitment Openings:

High Demand: Guardian Druid, Brewmaster Monk, Hunters, Boomkin

Medium Demand: Fury Warrior, Mage, Warlock, Ele/Resto shaman

Low Demand: All other dps(offspec heals a bonus)

Sacred Destiny is one of the oldest guilds on the Doomhammer server and the guild itself even predates the game going back and being formed in a past game. We have been raiding since vanilla and have all intention of progressing through expansions to come. The Majority of our raiders are Mature Adults with ages ranging from 21-50.

Our raid atmosphere is somewhat casual, we like to joke around and keep the convo interesting at times, but we do like progression. That being said we like to have everyone come prepared with food, flasks, pots, and seals prior to raid. We have obtained Ahead of the Curve in all dungeons a couple months before the next dungeon has been released. We are currently 2/11Mythic Antorus. We are not a Cutting Edge guild so each raid we try to mix in heroic and progression if we have enough people.

Please add me through Real ID if interested in trying out with us on our raid nights

Battletag: Senator23#1289
Hi there,
It sounds like our guild, Defenders of the Pass on Eldre’thalas, may be of interest to you.

We are one of the oldest guilds on our server, in existence since Classic. I describe us as a community that also raids versus a raiding guild. We stress real life comes first, regularly scheduled guild activities, and are comprised of a number of couples/people with family considerations.

Among our regular guild events are “Mythic Monday’s”, Timewalking runs, and raids on Tuesday/Thursday. We are very proud to have cleared each raid tier while it is current this expansion and have pushed into Heroic content. Raids start at 9 pm eastern/8 pm central time and run approximately 90 minutes in order to accommodate real life obligations of our members.

Feel free to contact an officer in game for more information or apply at http://dotp.guildlaunch.com. It is also possible to be added as a battle tag ID friend and join us as “guests” for our events.

We hope to hear from you - regardless, best of luck in your search for an in game home.
Hello Ursa!
We're desperately in need of a tank that can consistently show up for raids!
Created during Tomb of Sargeras of Legion, Righteous Doom (RD) on Dalaran has grown to be an active, positive, fun and family friendly casual raiding guild.
We have a team of veteran players as officers to provide strong leadership and we offer lots of benefits to members of all levels. They include access to guild events, such as weekly dungeons (Thursday keystone) and raids (Friday farm, Saturday progression), monthly raffle for mounts, pets and more, as well as guild repairs on day one, a fully stocked guild bank with helpful items, a discord server, and best of all, friendships!
We're now seeking normal/heroic minded players to join our raiding team. All are welcome!
Keystones and raids run from 7:30pm - 10:30pm EST.
*We are in the process of building a fully guild run group for the end of expansion and next! We have cleared normal ABT but 6/11 for heroic.
My btag is HanShan#1254
Recruitment officer btag is Mesmerelle#1755
Our Discord link is discord.gg/9bq3Bxv
Thank you for checking us out and looking forward to welcoming you into our guild!
[Lightbringer][Alliance] ☆Novus Sanctum☆ (11/11 H & 2/11 M Antorus)

Website: novuskiller.enjin.com

Please fill out the application to the left if you are interested in joining. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Xhadow#1889 on battle net, Jaytonse, or Xhadöw.


DPS - 1 to 3 • We are recruiting regular dps and reserve dps for our Mythic roster. Reserves can raid Heroic, and have opportunities to sub in for Mythic slots. Monks/Warlocks take first priority at this time. Feel free to apply!

Off-Tank/Backup Tank - 1

Any class will be considered. Feel free to apply! Raid Times (PST) [add 3 hours for Eastern]: • Tuesday: 5:45 PM - 8:30 PM • Thursday: 5:45 PM - 8:30 PM • Saturday (fun raid): 5:45 PM - 8:30 PM

What we expect: • Be knowledgeable about your class—know: optimal talents, stats, gear, gems, enchants, rotation • Pull 1 million dps minimum • Be ilvl 940 • Have at least 75 points in Artifact Weapon (for Netherlight Crucible unlocks) • Have the appropriate addons and keep them up to date (DBM, ExrT, RCLootCouncil, etc.) • Have a positive and constructive attitude

We expect all our raiders to come prepared before raid. This includes pots, tomes, and being on time.

Why should you join Novus Sanctum?

We are not only a progression raiding guild, we are a friendly home for everyone who joins. The atmosphere of the guild is helpful, supportive, and rewarding.
When it's time for business to be handled in raid, we do it, but we have fun at the same time.

We regularly run dungeons, Mythic+, and even old content if we get the urge. We do +15 keys/higher every single week. We also have guild raffles for mounts and other items.

We would rather bring players who are willing to learn and execute mechanics even if their DPS might be lower, than those who only care about the meters and nothing else.

If you have any questions, contact our Raid Lead Jaytonse or Recruiter Xhadöw. Xhadow#1889 on Discord.
would love to have you on our team, Id be interested in talking with you.
my bnet is Barely#11350
Hey Ursa,

I know you said EST, but oh idk, I thought I'd give it a whirl and try to charm you with my snazzy horns and glassy white eyes ;)

Anywho! Hi! :D I go by Oopsydaisy and I'm an officer in the guild <Malice in Wonderland> on Us- Lightbringer.

We ARE doing Mythic +.. usually whenever someone says they have a key, or even if someone doesn't have one, we'll go do a reg mythic to get a key! But, my guild forum post doesn't touch on Mythics. Hmm.. *thinks* (Prob need to update that!) :P

Here is my forum spam if you'd like to check it out! It's a little weird that everything you said you're looking for is basically IN my post.. well, except for the social aspect for it, haha, but if you were to join, I'd just hope you were a little, social- furry (uhh, you're a worgen, lol) butterfly! :P Lawlll...

OOPS! Almost forgot! Forum spam:

I had caffeine tonight, rofl... so now I'm chatty!

Sooo.. if you have any questions what-so-ever, or want to talk about furry butterflies, feel free to HMU @:
B.NET: boxcarbinny#11862
DISCORD: boxcarbinny#0033

Hope to hear from you soon! :)

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