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Guild Recruitment
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We are currently recruiting all classes and all roles for BFA. We are looking for raiders in it for the long term. We are only looking for raiders with previous experience raiding mythic at this time.

| About Reformed |

We are a group of adults focused on providing an enjoyable raiding community along with efficient and performance oriented progression. We all enjoy playing WoW, and fill our time running all kinds of content. We like to kill bosses without the high pressure - that being said, we aren't here to waste time.

| What we expect from you |

90% attendance required. Do not miss raid during your trial. We do not run a large bench, everybody on the team needs to act like they're on a team and that includes not missing raid. Life happens and there is nothing wrong with needing to miss a day as long as you let us know ahead of time.

Drop the ego and come to raid prepared to take and give criticism. If you think there's a better way to do something, speak up. We all raid to accomplish the same thing and everybody has something to contribute. Do not just be a body.

Know your role, know your jobs and know the fights. We don't expect you to know everything before we pull the boss, but you should at least have a general idea about what's going on.

Be part of the community. We're looking not only for skilled players, but also players we think would fit in well with the guild's atmosphere.

| Get in touch |

Current raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday | 8-11 Eastern.
Apply via www.reformedguild.com
Guild logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/us/zuljin/reformed/

Current needs

While we are recruiting for every role, we are especially watching our for the following:


Death Knight
WW Monk

MW Monk
H/D Priest

Immediate openings for RDPS.
Bumping. Ready to trial people today. Xrealm OK!
Looking to trial some quality RDPS this coming reset. Hit me up on bnet or fill out an app. :)
Updated needs.
Bump. Have room for rdps trials today.
Looking for RDPS and a warrior for argus prog.
Looking for warrior/mage trials for tonight!
Still have available trial spots this week.

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