How many 110's do you have?

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14 110s.

I only really play my Druid and Demon Hunter...

Because of the lul in WoD, i leveled all classes to 100. So, 10 others were leveled intermittently through Heirlooms+Invasions. Of those, the only ones i really log into are my Warlock, Mage, Paladin, Warrior, and DK, so that i can use their instant-WQ-clear ability for Marks of Honor which i funnel to my Druid for PVP Transmog (i have all the armor sets, and i'm working on the weapons now!).

Finally, i used a boost on an Alliance Druid and i leveled an Alliance Demon Hunter so that i could unlock the allied races.
One of every class pus an extra shaman and priest. I'm saving my boost in case I want to play any other allied race later.
Level 110: Horde: 1, Alliance: 1
Level 107: Horde: 5, Alliance: 6
Level 102: Horde: 2, Alliance: 6
Level 96: Horde: 2
Level 93: Horde: 2

I'm slowly getting there.
Just my one. Still a full time student and work only weekends. So it’s hard to find time to sit and play. Wish I could have played this xpac more.

I still have 3 100s and a crap ton of 90s from when I quit playing after MoP
To many
Six. Three on Alliance and three on Horde.
04/24/2018 12:34 PMPosted by Deathchix

There it is. Deathchix FTW! Lot's of respect for this guy tbh, I remember the AMA thread, still blows me away. Gratz on the rep cheevo also man, good job!

I have 1 of each class and that about did me in.
Never enough, but I need more character slots!

And I still don't know what the hell I want to play in BFA...
13 for me, all classes covered except for hunter (my hunter is at level 80).

I have two pallys and two locks.
Five, possibly six. Never going above that no matter how many races they release.
04/24/2018 11:35 AMPosted by Isabel
I'm up to 14, soon to be 15 though(have one at 107)

I have all classes @ 110 + 2nd priest, 2nd rogue. Though my 2nd rogue was my free BFA boost

I pared it down to 4 so I could focus on them instead of being so spread out and not feeling like I wasnt getting much done on any of them.
Ive also got a couple Pandas locked at level 90 to keep them in MoP content that I love doing.
I dont even want to think about how many ive leveled up to 60-80 then deleted. Feels like a lot of time spent for nothing.
Part of it was also wanting to stick with horde or alliance, I went with horde, because of the silly restriction of not being able to give my alliance characters stuff I make with my horde characters.
4 110's and 15 100's

Oddly enough, I didn't play much during Legion even though it was perhaps my favorite expansion since WoTLK.
8... so far.
I have 14 110's and I'm currently working on the 15th.
22. All alliance. It's a 3-way connected server so they're all in the same place.
After I deleted a bunch I'm down to 24. I think.

p.s. I don't keep many alts under 110.

I have the three level 20 allied races I completed just so I can look at the heritage armor I earned, one 98 DH on a small realm I want to level to 110 for hoping, and one level 52 Highmoutain Hunter that's on her way to 110.

Some mild form of OCD kicks in and I'll delete any alt that's not going to be played or has a specific purpose.
Currently sitting at 10 lv 110s...
Human Paladin
Worgen Rogue
Gnome Hunter
Night Elf Druid
Dwarf Shaman
Pandaren Monk
Orc Warlock
Goblin Warrior
Undead Death Knight
Blood Elf Demon Hunter

I had 11 but I deleted my Draenei Priest to remake her as a Lightforged...

until BfA launches and we get the next wave of Allied Races I only have 4 more characters to level up...

Lightforged Priest - Lv49
Void Elf Priest - Lv32
Nightborne Mage - Lv34
Highmountain Hunter? - Lv20 (waiting to find out if Survival will get to utilize dual wielding in BfA or not, will go Druid if they can)

and 2 empty character slots waiting for me to decide what to make in them. Currently acting as placeholders for my Zandalari Shaman and a holdout possibility of hopefully High Elf Mage...
110 war
110 mage
110 dk
110 rogue
110 warlock

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