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I'm looking for a laid back guild with a chill mentality to hang out with and do stuff. While this toon is fairly new (currently 944 iLevel), I have heroic raid and mythic dungeon experience playing on my hunter (9/9 TOS Heroic and 11/11 Antorus Heroic).

Because of my current work schedule, I haven't been able to do much raiding and would like to work on this guy a bit more. Eventually, I would like to raid with the pally when his gear level is up to snuff but can always bring my hunter for some dps now that we can do cross-realm mythic's! I would prefer a guild in Darrowmere or Windrunner as this is where I am currently located. I might consider a realm transfer if it looks like a good fit.

A little about myself, I'm an older gamer (52 years young), been playing WoW since beta and if I'm not online, I'm usually hanging out with the family, rocking out to some Black Sabbath or watching a good soccer match on the tele! ;)

If you got a spot for me hit me up in game or via btag Grendel#1570.
Hi!, I'm going to leave the typical spam stuff below. but it sounds like you would be a good fit for us. Hit me up if you wanna chat i dont have my discord tag at the moment but my bnet stuff is in the spam :P

We are recruiting all classes and levels for questing, dungeons, and raids in both Legion and Legacy zones. We utilize discord and are building up supplies in guild bank for food ,potions, patterns and enchants. most of us have been around since Vanilla, we are looking for like minded people to have fun with.

Most of us work and have Kidos so we are a casual laid back guild, but looking to build up ranks.

We are a Central Standard Time guild and are usually on from 5 PM - 2 AM. Open to Icecrown/malygos servers -Alliance.

We are friendly and mature (sort of) group of people in our 30-50s we have a couple of husband wife teams, and most nights we are in discord just kidding around shooting the...well ya know ;)

If you are interested or want more information - please send us a message in game (Fleasworth ,Ahsila, Critneyfears or jadlinn ), mail us in game, or reach out via this forum.

My Goal in our guild is to be able to clear current content while having fun with a good group of people. if your looking for a chill friendly environment to call home hit me up my btag is
Hi Ahsila, thank you for your response! I will certainly add you to my bnet and we can talk online or via Discord a bit further.

You mentioned that you are on Central time however, I am on Pacific time which might cause some problems with raid times unless you plan on raiding on the weekends.

I'll try to hit you up this weekend, cheers!

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