[H]<TKx> is recruiting all roles and classes

Dragonblight and Fenris
Hello all! <TKx> is now recruiting all classes, specs, and roles for our new progression raid team heading into Battle for Azeroth.

Those of you with a long history on Dragonblight may recognize us. We are a small, longstanding Horde guild with a raiding history that goes back to BC, with some of our members dating back to Day 1 Vanilla. Our heyday was BC-Cata, during which time we were a top server guild, and since then our membership has dwindled. Our remaining core membership prides itself in the guild’s friendly atmosphere while still being able to maintain an environment of competition and self-improvement among our members.

General Information
Faction – Horde
Raid Size – N/H, though there is potential for a 20-man mythic group if recruitment and ability allows.
Raid Times – 3 day schedule, 5PM-9:30PM PST

Loot Rules
Historically we have used a loot council system with weighting towards performance, attendance, the specific item in question, and a simplified EPGP factor. If the forced Personal Loot changes in BfA make it to live, we will obviously have to change or get creative.

Applicant Characteristics
We are seeking talented players who are comfortable with their chosen class and spec inside and out. Priority will be given to applicants who demonstrate an ability to play at a high level with either multiple specs/roles on a given character, or at a high level across multiple classes. Applicants should be ready to commit to a three night raid schedule after the release of BfA and beyond. Low attendance may mean your suspension or removal from the raid team.

Applications can be submitted to tkxrecruitment@gmail.com. While we enforce no format for your application, we ask that you include, at a minimum, the following:
• A brief introduction to you as a person. We don’t want intimate details, a first name and your age will suffice, but we would like to get an idea of your personality. Our guild is a community, and we want members of that community to be more than text on a screen.
• A brief history of your experience playing World of Warcraft, including raid history. If you enjoy other games, we’d love to hear about that too.
• The following information for any characters that you are applying for membership with: name, server, faction, specs with which you are intimately familiar and willing to raid with.
• If you are applying with multiple characters, please denote which character you currently intend to select as a main toon going into BfA, and also denote whether you are willing to raid with other characters if the guild has need of it, and which characters those are. Preference will be given to players who express willingness to adapt to the guild’s needs. We understand that your main toon may change as BfA nears release.

For any additional information, or inquiries about joining us, please submit an application using the listed e-mail or reach out to one of the following:

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