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Back In My Day is a Mythic raiding guild based on the Oceanic server US-Barthilas. With a hardcore attitude towards raiding we aim to complete Cutting Edge within a 9 hour schedule over 3 days of Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday between 8.30 and 11.30pm server time.

Our main raid team is composed of experienced players from all over Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Our officer core has played World of Warcraft for over 10 years, and with that experience we are able to provide a structured and organized team. We reach for our goals with a “can do” attitude and are always reviewing and improving to ensure success. We do encourage banter, constructive critique and having fun. For those players who cannot commit to our main raid, we provide a more relaxed approach with a casual weekly run on Fridays.


- 5/11M Antorus + AOTC
- 2/8M Uldir + AOTC

Contact Us
- Bnet: Chopnblok#1675
- Discord: https://discord.gg/YwAxPXE
- Apply @ https://backinmyday.gg
bump 11/11 heroic - argus dead - LFM Mythic Raiders
What classes/specs are you looking for
Do you guys take in casuals - who just wanna do some Normal or some early heroic or even low level mythic dungeons !
We sure do feel free to message me when I'm online and I'll throw you an invite or you can add me directly on bnet Chopnblok#1675
We have spot open for 1x tank and 1-2x healers.
Tank/Heal spots filled. If any DPS are keen to join we prefer Ranged currently.
Mythic Garothi down first night of attempts.
RDPS spots open
Seeking a Disc/Holy Priest and Holy Paladin to add to our main raiding roster for Mythic Antorus and BFA progression. We would also like to add a Shadow Priest to our roster, however we will consider any other Ranged DPS.
Mythic Felhounds dead.
Would highly recommend raiding with these guys, shame my schedule wouldn't allow me to continue with them, definitely know what they're doing.
Mythic High Command dead.

We have additional spots available in our roster for Antorus and BFA.
bumping for the right people
LF Tank and Ranged DPS. Possibly Healer.
Very close to a Mythic Eonar kill.

Still looking for the right Tank and Ranged DPS for our roster.
Tank spot filled. Still looking for quality Ranged DPS.
Looking for Resto Sham/Druid
Mythic Eonar dead
Looking for a hunter for BfA?

Didn't play Legion at all but played extensively from wrath through warlords, in a top 3 guild during wod.

Not geared or up to date currently but more than happy to compete for a core spot when bfa launches

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