WoW isn't accepting of new players

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People are dbags so you need to try and avoid interacting with them somehow.

Don't tell them that your girlfriend is a noob. Like you mentioned, she's automatically getting kicked by them and honestly it's likely because they're jealous you have a girlfriend and they don't.

Talk to your girlfriend in comms so you can tell her what to do quickly.
I think the suggestions here are good - personally, I'd recommend trying to find a guild on your server that's welcoming to new players. Depending on your server, there's likely a few for both factions, but start by asking around in Trade Chat or checking the Guild Finder

That's probably a good starting point, as I'm sure you can get folks from a friendly guild to run dungeons and such with you guys, with the understanding that she's learning the books still.

Maybe you had an unfortunate encounter, but I would also recommend just giving it another go - there's tons of guides online, as well as the dungeon journal in game, which can also help ease any dungeon learning curve.

From my time spent in dungeons, letting the group know that you're new or haven't done a particular dungeon ahead of time has almost always gone over fine. It really depends on how you're going about this; a quick "Hey guys, first time here, let me know if I need to know anything!" normally goes well.

A question to you - what class is she playing, and what role? If she's taking the mantle of tank or healer, she may have a harder time earning that "new-player acceptance" when playing a role that is more necessary to lead the group through the dungeon experience.

Edit: You could also go the route of not telling people, as others suggested, and see how that goes. :)
i mean you could always level through questing, and not waste other people's time.
Also - to add to my earlier point; if your around my level Feel free to add my bnet tag [Is that allowed to be posted?], I am more than willing to heal if my leveling partner is online.
04/16/2018 11:52 AMPosted by Zarhaiel
i mean you could always level through questing, and not waste other people's time.

I mean, you could always choose not to comment if you're going to be an !@# about it.
Gf and I used to always play together. I would take up the role as Tank and she would heal/dps. Either way, *I* was the leader of the dungeon party. My pace, my pulls, my direction.

We all know there's a few bad players out there who are kick happy, but I think most groups are fine.

I think Questing is a better way to experience WoW though. Once through each dungeon, but Questing the rest. At least the first time playing WoW.
04/16/2018 11:31 AMPosted by Rahan
Honestly, in leveling dungeons just dont tell people she is new.

If she isn't pulling extra stuff or doing something to actively hurt the group, 9 outta 10 times people will just ignore her and go about their way.

As someone else pointed out, and I'll point out as well. This is the right idea. People don't care if someone's not doing something, or even flat out afk half the time. If you point out that she's new to people, then they're watching her like a hawk and will make it so that they kick her for something most people would ignore.

As crappy as it is, save the idea of social expense on people you're actually gonna play with often. Nothing, including social fortitude, is infinite. Stay quiet, get some music going, hop in a discord call and handhold her through the instance. Don't say a damn thing to the pugs.
04/16/2018 11:37 AMPosted by Hamstar
People were more helpful in BC? Not really, there were just so many more new players that it couldn't be helped that you were going to get stuck with some. Also guilds were actively looking to recruit and train new people then as well. That is the difference between a 2 year old growing game and a 14 year old declining game.

Also, you tended to be stuck with what you could get for heroics because group finder didn't exist yet. That made people much more willing to work through any performance failures.

@OP, have you tried not telling them she's new? I'm not sure if that will help, but it will at least call less attention to her performance right off the bat. LFD can be a bit ridiculous at times, but my general experience with it is that the overwhelming majority of the time people will overlook anything that doesn't significantly impede the run, even if people completely screw up.
04/16/2018 11:52 AMPosted by Zarhaiel
i mean you could always level through questing, and not waste other people's time.
That's a very, very poor attitude to have, and probably something that contributes to OPs experience.

We were all new to the genre at some point, and this kind of attitude doesn't help new players feel welcome.
04/16/2018 11:25 AMPosted by Deathpry
Yet the people just ignore me and vote to kick her with insulting terms such as 'Noob' or 'Moron'. I remember playing back in The Burning Crusade and back then, the community was helpful. People were actually pleasant back then, but now people are just straight up rude.

Let her know that its kids doing this, not mature adults.
We can expect CHILDREN to behave like CHILDREN.
Tell her not to get discouraged over some mouthy spoiled child in the group finder. If she sees that crap then just pull out of the run and queue up again and maybe the next one will be better.

I see these spoiled rotten brats pretty much every day in the group finder, but they are maybe 5% or less of the community here, so dont let them ruin the game for either of you. Put them on ignore and walk away.
If you're a tank and she's a healer, you can make your own groups with faster queues than LFD.

As another anecdote, I was doing some BGs for this week's event and got into Seething Shore for the first time. Promptly announced, "first time here...what do?" and I got several people responding helpfully, positively. In PvP!! Was a nice moment. I got an achievement and we won too. Good game...then we lost the next 4 I joined so that's that.

So not everyone is mean to newbies - just be prepared for meanieheads and you may be pleasantly surprised.

04/16/2018 11:58 AMPosted by Wassabi
Put them on ignore and walk away.

This also makes it so you won't get in the same group as those socially-challenged players.
Just want to make it clear to everybody that she is playing a hunter. I've made sure that her pets growl is off as well. I think we'll stick to leveling via questing but I would love for her to experience dungeons as well. So I will search out a guild to run old instances.
I think it's wrong to say the community isn't welcoming - there are plenty of places in which you will find a very welcoming community, but it depends on how and where you look.

In LFR/LFD - chatting draws undo attention to yourself. Unless asked, don't volunteer information. Just join the groups, and make sure you and your partner are on voice, so that *you* can tell her what to do / act as their guide rather than expecting the group to know / teach her what's expected.

Try running her through the dungeon on your main - so the dungeon is familiar to them / and they're not prone to getting lost.

Point your partner to relevant youtube videos or class guides like icy-veins/wowhead - if your partner's class has a discord channel for the class - have them join it - many of these groups are very willing to help new players of their class join their ranks.

Also .. and you're probably not going to like this advice .. maybe don't do dungeons for a while. Dungeons are best for more experienced players, they just are. Everything in a dungeon moves at a fast past, because everyone in that dungeon is pretty much only interested in sprinting to the end of it, so they can queue up for the next one. This pace of game play can be daunting, when you're already feeling overwhelmed trying to master the basics of the game.

Allow your partner time to grasp the basics .. and really feel comfortable with them before throwing them in with a group of players which already know what to do and aren't going to slow down or want to slow down for you.

Use group finder. Specifically say in the comments it's a learning group and that the dungeon will be run at a slow pace. It might not get that many bites, but you'd be surprised how many people are interested in helping new people or going at a slower pace.

Lastly - find a guild. And I don't just mean any guild spamming for members. I mean a real one. One that has guild events. One where people like to hang out on discord - one which is truly friendly to new players. They do exist.

Hope this helps.
04/16/2018 11:52 AMPosted by Zarhaiel
i mean you could always level through questing, and not waste other people's time.

The only way that we are going to get better people that care about things is to help mold them from a new start. You can help LFR by taking your time and help new player learn how to do it right!

Next time you PUG a heroic for your daily , let the tank do his job so he or she can learn! We all know you can solo the dang thing, but let them do there job .

So Zarhaiel , be the teacher and get the benefits of teaching.... better LFR for all
The best thing she can do is get used to it. Pugs don't have to accept responsibility for their actions so they do what they want. CRZ only made matters worse since server communities are near laughable now. Either get used to it or find a new game, tbh.
You should check what Blizzard changed in this game recently. Now, leveling dungeon is quite hard for new players.

To be honest, I can understand why ppl said those words to ur girl, if she was a tank or healer in the leveling dungeon.
04/16/2018 11:27 AMPosted by Respeck
As much as I feel bad for her, at the end of the day leveling is about efficiency for most people. If she's slowing down the group, it's likely she'll be kicked.

Run with guild or friends, or just avoid instances till she learns her class.

Voting to kick from leveling dungeons? I doubt thats actually happening. I half afk all my low level dungeons and never get kicked. Sub level cap people don't care enough.
you can blame challenge mode dungeons and mythic+ timers for the gogo mentality that wasnt there before mop
I would recommend staying away from dungeons as much as possible because most people doing dungeons in the leveling process don't tolerate new players. Now I know this isn't true of everyone but you are more likely to get a toxic person than a helpful one in leveling dungeons. So level with quests at what ever pace you want and read the quests.
Another wonderful example of why LFG is a bad idea.

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