Clean Kills Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker

Antonidas and Uldum
I know that killing the first boss in Mythic in Antorus isn't really a big feat to do. But this was really hard for us to do, with being on a dead server finding the right players to work hard to achieve a single goal and have the skill to Defeat one in the hardest difficulty in the game. I am proud to be on this server and proud to be the raid lead for this guild. Took us 5 attempts Also in the last pic yit is AKA me.

On the off note we are always looking for players to join us for mythic and heroic runs =D
AAAAA!, we did it!
Grats on old content
I did too on pug. Goodluck on hounds, now that has a learning curve.
brb on the phone with gf. What's wow?
Grats. As long as you had fun who cares when you got there.

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