Guild Recruitment
It is now Officially my Birthday! :P
Our RL who is also our Main Tank is a BM Monk! :)
Still looking for a tank and more dps! :)
are you still in need of a tanks ?
We are full on healers!
I have a group BG; possible RBG scheduled for April 19th. I would love to see some pvpers join up and show these monkeys what we are made of! Join the guild - Let’s win!
Still need a tank?
Last time I checked we need tanks!
Looking for more DPS and Social members! :)
This sounds like a guild i would be interested in joining. Sent a b.tag request to oopsydaisy. Older player coming back to the game.
Info added!

Now in search of a Healer (preferably either a SHAMAN or a DRUID) and Tanks for Fri/Sat nights raid team in BfA!
Still looking to fill our RBG/PvP roster aswell. Add my b-tag for more info: diesel#1980
discorde: Samy Hendrix#7715

I would like to talk to recruiting officer I am looking for a new home and a guild for the rest of my wow playing days XD
still looking for more! :)
*poke oopsy*

Join the guild and give it a shot! Plenty of friendly people to help you in your journey.

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