Joining Lightninghoof

Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, and The Venture Co
I've decided to start up a character here, I know what I'm getting into but I'd love to know the things I can't find with a few google searches.
    * Is there a server discord?
    * What are the popular or active global chat channels?
    * Who runs events, is there a off game calendar?
    * Are there out of the usual rules that the community follows?
    * Would anyone like to pet my dog?
* No idea.
* Trade chat trolling and word-battling is decent at times.
* No idea, no idea.
* I don't think so.
* No. I am dog.
*Yes, please post pictures here.
I just came back to LH feels a bit dead but I'll wait until BFA. Also I apprieciate the merg.
*There are a lot of people that don't use discord
*Just trade chat now that WorldDefense has been eliminated
*Some of us view "running events" as kind of an artificial way to roleplay; it's more of an Emerald Dream thing. It's better to use in character communications, such as /say, /yell, and in game mail. The forums and trade chat are sparse enough that they can be used for OOC coordination as well.
*Everyone is encouraged to use warmode full time to preserve our RPPVP roots. We have a presence second only to Emerald Dream in RP server warmode shards.
*If it's cute, it's likely to get a /pat from me if I see it in game.
* server Discord- no clue
* From what I have seen trade but only during peek hours
* I havent seen any events being ran on Hoof since i came back
* No we do not have any extra rules like some servers
* What kind of dog?

I really hope that Hoof population picks back up when BFA goes live, this was my original server and it used to be packed with people and great guilds. I would love to see it like that again....
You play on Wyrmrest why on earth would you slum it here? Just server hop if you're trying to farm rares.

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