[A] [LFG] 3/9M 967 Hpriest lf Late Night PST

Guild Recruitment
967 tier, 971 no tier (I skip tier on some fights, hpriest tier is weak)



8PM PST or later M-Th (11PM EST), flexible sat/sun (no fridays)

Heal Main spot (working on shadow, but not mythic ready and not likely to be soon)(no disc offspec)


9PM PST or later M-Th

9 hrs/week (will consider 12, or 6)

I'm basically looking to get a Mythic Argus kill before BFA and to feel it was earned (not a carry). I have all priest leggos, and can bring my own consumables/gems/enchants/etc. I understand large rosters and won't !@#$% about the bench, unless it is near permanent (i.e. I only get in when someone from core team is absent). I'm 3/9M but think I can keep up with a slower cutting edge pace (world-first or even server-first I am not qualified for, but I am confident I can handle a guild that typically finishes a tier shortly before the next one). I spent some time in a more intensive guild in tomb, and thought it went fine (didn't stay after trial for pure personality reasons). Toon name is Aneirra-Nazgrel, most logs are public (https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/nazgrel/aneirra) (including antorus logs and the old tomb logs from the more serious progression guild); some logs might be private, I can hand those over on request.

As long as the guild is still reasonably on track for an Argus kill, and I feel I have some participation in that process, I will have fantastic attendance, will provide my own mats, and will not ^-*!@ about anything (loot, bench, etc.). I'm generally quite calm; I will neither rage nor burn-out/give up after 1000 wipes, if that's what it takes. I can handle criticism, even in a toxic guild environment, though if personal criticisms were generally delivered privately and without screaming, that would be a perk (no screaming in general would be appreciated).

I probably need a few more mythic loot pieces to be effective on later mythic bosses, but I can probably get all I need with bonus rolls; in other words, I'm fine with getting no loot. If your guild is at the point of rolling the lockout over each week, I'd be willing to give it a try, I just don't know how fantastic I could be.

discord: serious136387#3412 ; bnet: Serious#1395

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