UI reset itself, all add-ons reset, again

UI and Macro
Logged on today and game said that it installed a new version and I needed to re-enter name/password. Closed it out and tried launching from the browser/client(?) again and it logged me in using my saved name/password. Great! I hate typing in my name/password!
I got on my auction toon and my UI was reset. Dang. So I change a few things like the point size of text and drop the video settings down a bit and hit up the auction house. Everything is reset. As in, I lost all my scanned auctions. I have no auction history.
I got on this guy (main lock) and noticed that bartender 4 had reset, and sell junk was reset... logged off.
Looked at twitch and updated a few that were out of date, logged on again, nope!
This happened a couple weeks ago (when I finally switched to twitch from curse client) and I have been religiously doing full AH scans to get back to where I was, now it's all gone again.

UI and add-ons all reset and I want to know if the saved data is gone forever or is there a way to get them back.
Your only option is to rename all your SavedVariable\*.lua.bak files to *.lua and see if that restores things. If not, you're SoL.

In the future, the Twitch client has cloud storage to preserve your settings in this kind of failure. Hit the Sync button on the top of the addon list (may also need to adjust the syn space in the config).
Okay, to save the *.lua.bak to *.lua I need to delete the original *.lua (windows won't overwrite it) which I'm willing to try, but the thing I noticed last time was that AH remembered my previous sell price on items I was putting back in the AH. Is that function WoW based or add-on based? Because it really was the only thing that saved my keyboard from being smashed the last time...

Also, any idea what caused this? I tried to be as descriptive of my actions as possible for this reason.
All addon data is stored in the SavedVariables *.lua files. Can make a backup of your entire WTF folder first just to be safe.
Thanks M80.
I am SoL and am now using Twitch's cloud to save.
[quote="207605476842"]Your only option is to rename all your SavedVariable\*.lua.bak files to *.lua and see if that restores things. If not, you're SoL.

Can I/we get a brief layman's description of the difference between .lua and .lua.bak in regards to user interface and add-ons? It might help us all in the long run.
Each time you log out/reloadui your previous .lua becomes .lua.bak and your current settings are saved as .lua

So really what this means is if you log into the game and your settings are nuked DO NOT LOG OUT and backup your WTF folder immediately. Then you can logout and replace your .lua files with the last known working .lua.bak files.

If you log out before backing up WTF folder then your corrupt settings will override the .bak and you'll be SOL

I personally backup my WTF folder on a weekly basis.
Thanks for the 101.

So if I'm using twitch to cloud save (as opposed to manually copying files) I should open twitch and "sync" only after a successful log in, right? I shouldn't have twitch open at any other time, as it may save new (unwanted) settings as default (.lua)?
I'm not really sure how the twitch sync works as I back my stuff up locally using RoboMirror. Hopefully it does some testing to see if settings aren't corrupt before backing them up.
You can always make a copy of your WTF before doing anything with it.
Yes, the ideal would be to back up the WTF file with a drag/drop or however.
I'm just wondering about the twitch cloud sync, since it has been mentioned.
Checking robomirror atm.
Very tender hoofed ATM so I'll do manual back-ups.
PEBKAC or however yall call it.
While I am a fan of the Twitch Desktop App, I don't much like how their Cloud Storage thing handles backups.

I run EaseTodo Backup and Restore JUST on my WoW installation folders (I have 3 - Live, Dev1, and Dev2).

Set for incremental backup, after the first run, it takes less than a minute and takes up very little space and the app is free.

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