Frost Mage/Enh Sham for late PST raiding [H]

Akama, Dragonmaw, and Mug'thol
Looking to get back to raiding. Have played since launch, Heavy raiding on my UD Warrior through BC, and my Human Hpal through Cata. Never really was serious on my mage, and haven't played for a few years. Got back into the game a month or so ago, leveled up this Mage, and decided I want to main with this or my Enh Sham.

Looking for around a 10pm PST start time. good through at least 1am. Days don't matter just 2-3 a week would be good. Shammy and this mage roughly same gear wise (raid finder, heroic dungeons, world quest gear) and I understand raid mechanics quickly. DM in game or post here.
<LokTar Ogar> Casual Raiding Guild (11/11 H Antorus) LFM Ranged DPS. All Welcome. Fri - Sun 8ST - 10 ST Raid Nights. Pst for info
We are looking to break into mythic raiding if we can gather enough of the right people. Laid back, fun raid environment where everyone is welcome.
Add Torquebolt#1660 if interested or for more info

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