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04/02/2018 12:45 PMPosted by Jsonvoorhees
I literally have to ignore basically the entire story while leveling since none of it applies at all. It makes leveling one even more boring.
What, you're saying you don't enjoy spending 50+ hours in content that hasn't been relevant to the story for 2-12 years? Are you actually implying that you'd prefer to do current/new content and not stuff you likely got bored of years ago?

04/02/2018 12:45 PMPosted by Jsonvoorhees
What a slow, horrible grind this has been... and I'm barely half way done with it.
I gave up around level 40. It takes considerably longer to level, some zones are horrific and terribly designed (hey, let's have a massive zone with 20 total quests that require you to run from the top to the bottom 100 times). I hear it gets worse 60-80 and I simply cannot bring myself to even log into that character. If it weren't for the heritage armours I wouldn't have even bothered rolling a new character, and this will certainly be the last one I level.
I just sad that it takes longer to do today, that it has for the last 7 years.
I'm sure there's at least one guy at Blizzard who brings this stuff up in every meeting.
Go that guy! You tell 'em what you're about, guy!
It's probably worse with the Lightforged draenei. You have to sit there while Velen tells you about the heart of Xe'ra, who was basically your boss for 25K years. Then turalyon explains what The Army of The Light is to you...

You know. That thing you are?
Future expansion needs to bring the questing up to date, among many other things.
I roll my eyes so hard whenever I free AU Gul'dan as a nightborne.
04/03/2018 03:16 AMPosted by Shatterbird
I roll my eyes so hard whenever I free AU Gul'dan as a nightborne.

Just skip the WoD intro with the cave under Timeless Isle.

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