<Requires Supervision> 6/11M 11/11H

Guild Recruitment
Hello potential new raider!

R.S. Mythic raid team Thursday - Monday: 6/11M
Is in search of 1 healer (Druid or Monk)

R.S. Heroic raid team Tuesday - Wednesday: 11/11H
Currently looking to rebuild and be at full strength come BFA.
Currently looking for all raiders but priority to Restoration or Elemental Shamans, Warlocks, and a Holy Paladin.

When recruiting we do not recruit toons, we recruit people. People that will thrive in the community we have been building for 3 years. I look forward to chatting with you, and below is some basic information about the people who require supervision.

Guild: Requires Supervision
Server: Turalyon
Faction: Horde
Realm: PVE
Progression: 11/11H 6/11M

Mythic days and times: Monday - Thursday
8-11 EST PST friends 5-8 and Central 7-10

Heroic days and times: Tuesday - Wednesday
8-11 EST PST friends 5-8 and Central 7-10

Anyone interested in joining Requires Supervision can contact me at StormTroopin#11818 or Ladie#1111 or find us in game.
Still looking for more to join us.
Fun night of alt runs and keys back at it for Mythic Tomorrow.
raid night tonight. Don't you want to join us?
Another Raid Night is here. Care to join us?

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