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Bleeding Hollow
Hello Bleeding Hollow,

Due to some server pop issues with our current home, I'm considering re-rolling my guild on Bleeding Hollow and wanted to check with the local community on the actual server pop health. I only have the wowprogress numbers to work from which show over 6k horde players, but I know that number can be a bit deceptive. How does the population "feel"? Are guilds having issues recruiting locally? Any issues recruiting from off-server? We're a 2 night guild at 5/11 mythic, but the attendance boss keeps getting in the way.

How's the AH pricing? I personally don't care too much, but know some of our other members will be curious.

Is there much for local server activity, groups/pugs, or is most everything done through the group finder?

Just trying to get a sense for things, while "Should I stay or should I go now" keeps rolling around in my head. Thanks in advance for any information.
Sooo, how much is your attendance off by?
It's not every raid night, but often enough to be an issue and the server doesn't have much pop to pull from. Being that we're the only horde guild doing mythics, it's nigh impossible to recruit from off-server. What can you tell me about Bleeding Hollow?

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