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Literally never touch archaeology since it was released till now, don’t think thats gonna change lol.
04/19/2018 06:40 AMPosted by Turok
work on any of my professions.

what did you not do this xpac?

I can't raid. Long story but I would fall back on professions for things to do. While I got this guy to max out jewel crafting, none of my six or so alts have bothered with professions. They are just horrible and I really don't see them getting better with BFA.

If the largest team ever devoted to the profession system could only manage what they did in WoD and make it worse in Legion, I just have no hope.

At least I have Ultima Online's next spiritual successor to test now. UO still had the best crafting system ever created for an MMO.
I'm trying to convince myself to at least do LFR to see the content. Not sure I'll get around to it.
Yep no professions for me either or mage tower. On the plus side i sold all those mats on tha ah to get my spider and lightforged mounts.
Heroic and mythic Antorus, mythic plus dungeons and mage tower
PvP...and I like to pvp.
04/19/2018 06:40 AMPosted by Turok
work on any of my professions.

what did you not do this xpac?

Same, sort of.

Researched Alchemy and Engineering at the start of Legion, then promptly dropped them.

Picked up Herb and Mine, which you don't really "work on". Made uber thousands of gold, very easily (starting at skill level one, in legion.)
04/19/2018 06:40 AMPosted by Turok
what did you not do this xpac?

PvP, but I never do that so...
- No 15+
- No Challenge Appearances
- No AOTC for any tier post EN and TOV since I subbed last year during NH.
- No Normal/Heroic NH, TOS, ANT
- Really bother with any profession except LW for the crafted legendaries which have dropped a lot in price on my server
- No lucid nightmare and didn't do deaths of chromie

And probably a lot of other things thanks to my history of solo-play sadly...
God looking at all that, looks pretty pathetic and definitely not how I wanted to go about Legion seeing it was my first official WoW experience fully.
04/19/2018 06:40 AMPosted by Turok
work on any of my professions.

what did you not do this xpac?

I didn't have very much fun :(

I kept trying PvP but it was so gltiched that I was like no... not going to do it fair anymore.
No Professions
No Legion Rep Grinding so No Allied Races
No Flight (Made no sense with Argus being no flight)
Didn’t work on:

- Professions: boring, poor rewards
- BGs: used to love these...
- Achievement hunting
- Treasure hunt completely
- Max out all reps on one character

I really just don’t care for some of the class design choices. I get bored quickly. This didn’t happen with similarly grinding activities in MOP, for example, because breaking up the grind to actually play the class in a BG or raid was fun. In Legion, the combat alternatives to the grind highlight how watered down things are.
-Professions: Horrible... The Engineer quests were too much of a hassle, I'm only doing First Aid on an alt for Field Medic title.
-Battlegrounds: I've done a couple here and there, or when I hate myself to try yo get one win or the essence, but I don't have fun at all like I used to.
-Mythic+: got 15's done on a few classes for the skin, besides that I really don't care.
-Rep grinding: I got the allied races, but I truly hate the paragon chest system, it's disgusting and turns me off from trying to get the mounts, which I have none of, and I will probably never get a single one.
I didn't do anything to progress my character really. This expansion didn't motivate me to participate in anything except RP.
I barely even xpac'd.
PVP as always
Raid outside of LFR. Play any rated pvp content. Finish leveling my rogue, shaman, or priest.
Chain sap (and not attack) flagged folks in Orgrimmar... but there are still a few months. Darn diminishing returns makes it not as fun anymore.
No Pathfinder yet, might get there by BfA. I don't have a main so it makes it a bit more of a pain not have rep account wide.
Well, I've managed to experience a good portion of everything this xpac has had to offer... in terms of pvp? Not so much. But that's only because I haven't pvp'd in so long, that the concept feels almost foreign to me now (I stake this on not being motivated to do bg's, or find a dedicated team for arena's.).

Other than that, I had leveled every single class to 110, and went back through, deleting all of the ones I didn't want to keep around. I know some might think I'm insane, but it was a learning process that allowed me to be able to find what exactly I wanted out of the game and what I wanted to continue on into the next expansion with. (I've narrowed it down to my DK, Mage, and Shaman)

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