880 Restro Shaman LF A Casual Raid Guild/Home

Bronzebeard and Shandris
Returned to WOW a few months ago. Haven't played since start of CATA. LF a casual raiding guild and new friends on Shandris. I will commit to 1-2 nights a week for raiding (EST). Have 5 110's but have settled in with my new main to play Restro Shaman. Was Restro Druid and Holy Priest before. Raid healing is not new to me. But I'm not to shabby at Enhancement either.
Was very active in a progression guild before I left the game. I miss raiding! Looking to join a team that I can do my part and pull my own weight, while gearing up with them.
Will bring a sense of humor to the team, and I can provide my own beer. Want a mature, fun home, that will continue through BFA and beyond.

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