(OCE) 10/11M Thiccboi Mage LFGuild

Guild Recruitment
Btag: Tom#6618

Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/frostmourne/tombust

Guild recently fell apart, so I'm looking to finish out the tier and prepare for BfA

- Not a !@#$ter 8/11M Guild
- Not falling apart
- Similar attitude towards prog, raiders aren't missing raid because they have to take their cousin's daughter's boyfriend's mum to get a haircut
- Or tunnel DPSing so hard they're about to reach China

- Understanding of the raid environment and don't mind sitting/swapping in and out over a night for different strats
- Prioritize mechanics and killing the boss over tunnel DPS and getting sweet wipe logs
- I attend every raid night that I'm not working on, however I work FiFo with weird hours so I may miss the occasional night
- If I will be late/unable to attend I'll notify at least 24 hours beforehand
- Willing to server/faction transfer
- Wants Cutting Edge
- 200 IQ
Really Bad Players is a bunch of older guys who all had their hay day in wow, but now have families so they can't dedicate as much time to raiding, hence the two nights a week. Working on Argus with no indications that we are going to break apart any time soon. Still have plans to push on through to BA. If interested hit me up.

<Really Bad Players> (Blackrock-US)
10/11M Horde
Raid Times: Sun/Mon 9pm-1am cst
Need: Ranged dps (all classes) and an OS tank
PM me on discord, add me on Btag (allamain#1344) or app on our website

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