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Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether
Ladies and gentlemen

How often does this happen? You join a guild. It's got great members, good organization, all that kind of stuff. But something just doesn't click with you. It could be any myriad problems: just some weird thing doesn't sit right. Maybe it feels like it has nothing that makes it really stand out. Maybe you feel like you don't quite fit in, like you've walked in on someone else's party. Maybe it's a good guild, just not a great one - and you want more. For some reason or another, you just struggle to be perfectly satisfied.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and try to solve this problem. I had considered trying to form my own guild, but I'd hate nothing more than to create another guild with the same problems as described above. And that's why I want you to help me.

Rather than, "Join my guild!" how about, "Let's make a guild together!"

I don't have any strong direction in mind. No particular road stands out. But what else? What will the reason for our unity be? Goal and organization? Shall we also try to PvE together and quest or m+ dungeons or PvP together?

Who's with me?

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