Can't click the fel tome for demon summon?

Demon Hunter
Hi all - for some reason, my DH is not able to click the fel tome to summon the daily boss. I've tried googling this, searching here, etc., and it sounds like this has been an issue since launch...but no one has really figured out how, exactly, to fix it or what exactly it is that causes this.

I know I don't have too many of the items they drop because I went through my bags and deleted all of them. Stumped, here...any ideas? This is the first time I've played this character in months so I spent the whole day getting up to speed on Argus and some dungeons...I know I didn't summon/loot a boss at all today before this.
you can only click the things once per... something, It's been to long since I grinded that.
If someone has recently used it and killed him, you have to wait for it to reset, right along with waiting for your personal timer to pass, that is what "I assume" was happening when I did it.
It was a terrific pita and a daily time sink for several weeks. If it wasn't available when I was fairly sure it should be, wait 6 to 8 hours check again; taking 2 days+ to be able to get 1 kill on him was not uncommon.

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