(H) <TDE> Raiders Wanted, Four Teams

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Greetings! Kiv here from <The Drunken Elk>!

About Us

We are a large, adult, social raiding guild. Not entirely casual, but definitely not hardcore either. We are people with school, work, and families that are passionate about gaming. We understand that life has to come first. We love to come together and have a great time no matter what we are doing. Our people are made up of veteran gamers and new players alike. Most of us here have been doing this a long time however.

We Raid, PvP, Mythic 15+, do weekly events, you name it!

Current Raiding
The Drunken Elk is now 8/8 Normal - 8/8 Heroic - 2/8 Mythic

We currently have four raid teams . Each raid team is made up of 24 members max. We hope multiple teams will allow people flexibility if they cannot make their usual team.

All of our teams will be progressing at their own pace. Currently our Tues/Wed & Wed/Thurs team are the only ones that plan to progress into Mythic. The other two will be at a more casual pace with content and camaraderie coming first. Those new to raiding welcome!

Recruitment Needs:

Tues/Wed Team: 8pm-Midnight EST/Server
Seeking a Mage and dps Demon Hunter, and three other dps of any type!
Message @nozzlegear#1234 for more info!

Fri/Sat Midnight Team: 12:30-2:30am EST/Server
Looking for an Off-tank, Disc Priest, Mage, Death Knight and Warrior.
Message @ThePunisher#12609 for more info!

Wed/Thurs Team: 9pm-Midnight EST/Server
Is in search of a Wind Walker Monk.
Message @Kiv#11323 for more info!

Fri/Sat Evening Team: 9pm-Midnight EST/Server
Is recruiting two healers. Resto Shaman, Holy Priest, or Holy Paladin.
Message @Zehd#11814 for more info!

The above is just what we are specifically missing. If you do not see your class listed, please get in touch with us anyways!

Outside of raiding, we will never turn someone away. While we are an adult guild, those under 18 are more than welcome. We do ask that you be mature at least most of the time. Our conversations can get a bit raunchy, safe words are always a great idea, but hate is never tolerated. If you have issues with Race, Religion, Sexuality, Politics, etc. Keep it respectful. This is a home for everyone regardless of lifestyle or beliefs.

To the small groups and guilds:

We would like to add that small groups and guilds are also welcome here at the Elk. It isn't easy starting up your own home. We boast many active members, a non stop discord, events, and prizes. We are currently planning our first IRL guild meet as well. We are extremely community first and care about our members. If any of this sounds like the home you were hoping for, please reach out.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us:
Kiv#11323 / Zehd#11814 / nozzlegear#1234
For info only about the midnight team, you can also find ThePunisher#12609

If you would like an invite, feel free to whisper any member of TDE.
Just /who The Drunken Elk!
Best guild I've belonged to so far. Will help with any raid/dungeon/achievement/quest. In it for the fun.
Amazing guild with a wide range of skill and full of people who's willing to help with just about anything.
We're starting Normal Antorus as a weekly event to help alts and new members gear up and see content! Always helping in discord with class info, strategies, addons, anything to improve member's experience and playstyles if that's your goal!

Hit us up on BTag for discord info if you just want to pop in and see what we're all about!

Specific recruitment needs added above. Our weekend team is filling up fast! Our weekday team still has plenty of room to grow. We've met some fantastic people through the forums, don't hesitate to join our growing family!!
Hey are you guys sat/sun or fri/sat for your weekend crew?
04/14/2018 04:00 PMPosted by Powderpuff
Hey are you guys sat/sun or fri/sat for your weekend crew?

Right now we're running Heroic on Saturdays. As far as BFA goes, we're not 100% sure if it will be fri/sat or sat/sun. That will depend on a few college schedules as fall nears. We will update as soon as we know though!
For the Spring/Summer months we do have newer members interested in Heroic so we plan to continue with that. Hopefully this will lead to us restructuring our Mythic roster and getting back into that. Let me be clear that there was no drama or anything crazy involved with not progressing more into Mythic, we simply didn't have the solid 20 that could attend every weekend. We are all adults with children, jobs, and school so we understand that life comes first!

Schedules may vary for our officers but members are always encouraged to add their own events to the calendar to see who is interested! And as always, any questions feel free to hit me up in BTag!
Great Guild, after my first guild that I loved back in Vanilla I havent found a guild that has the solid combo of social/and doing events/raids/dungeons. Solid group of guys and gals, 10/10 would guild again
Repairs available and usually a mythic keystone group that runs every night!
Great bunch of people here. I was new to the server, only knew a couple of RL buddies that were in a pretty hardcore guild which isn't my speed at all. Saw Kiv recruiting on the forums, and sent her a message. We talked, I joined them, and was immediately welcomed. There's always people on, always good conversation in guild chat or discord, and people are willing to help with pretty much whatever. If you're looking for a good place to call home, I would encourage you to check us out.
We are still openly recruiting for both teams! Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us for a trial raid or dungeon night if you're unsure. To those we have met so far, we are so thankful to have you and see our family grow!
So how do you feel about players who've returned after being gone for a decade and are starting over from scratch? Would be ready to go by BFA but taking my time leveling currently.
trying to contact you. Hope to find you on this evening
04/23/2018 12:17 PMPosted by Qwote
So how do you feel about players who've returned after being gone for a decade and are starting over from scratch? Would be ready to go by BFA but taking my time leveling currently.

We actually have a few newer people with the same story. We have zero issues with how long someones been gone. There is plenty of time to catch up, relearn things & get to know the people.
04/23/2018 02:10 PMPosted by Squiggs
trying to contact you. Hope to find you on this evening

Please do! I'll be on for some Mythic + after 8:30 server. Otherwise add me to your friends list - Kiv#11323 - and I'll randomly check my launcher for any messages & get back to you asap!
Also, every member has access to the calendar! Enjoy the liberty of inviting fellow guildies to your event to see who else is interested!

About every other week we have a Friday that's regularly been a lower tier raid for transmogs, achievements, titles, or just for fun!
I Like Rice, And the Drunken Elk.
Still seeking kind yet naughty others to join us going into BFA!
Updated recruitment needs and schedule! If you've got an alt, please give us a chance. We pride ourselves on our very active social community!

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