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I can raid weekends and late nights midnight to 04 PST. My old guild fell apart mid tier and i would like to finish out heroic Ant. My main goal is to find a good group of people to casual raid with and have fun while progressing content. i have no wish to raid mythic as i dont have the time to commit to that(work related).

I main shadow but i can play holy and disc. i have prior experience with main tanking and raid leading.

BTAG: Friza#1757
Can you make an earlier raid time? I thought our raid times were super late (10pm to 12:30am PST), but apparently not :-)

Anyway, if you can make those times on Mon/Wed/Thu, interested in talking with you. We are 3/11M, but a rather casual guild, with official guild goal of timely AOTC + some mythics.

If interested, add me - animus#1971

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