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i like DPS meters, they can be used on Classic, but in vanilla the amount DPS you can done don't are a primary nor secundary target on group raid. Threat and surviving its more important for group success.
There are two things going on here and the question masks them which makes a meaningful answer difficult.

Vanilla was a very different game. Threat had to be managed and all but there is also a need to do things which don't show up on meters and that impacted your ability to lead meters.

The saying "A dead rogue does no DPS" was not all about standing in the poo. That was included but it also means "don't open hard while your tank is still putting up Sunders because you'll die for sure and may wipe the raid if you pull the target away from the tank and his ability to generate threat."

Meters have a place and if you're not so close-minded about them you can probably learn something about being better or more efficient at your class. There's a definite place for that as a teaching/learning opportunity and it is what Tir was talking about when he mentioned "competent hands".

There's also a group of people who intend to race to "first clears" and there always has been. I'm not one of them (I have a job and a life and I value those more than the title "world first KT kill") but that doesn't mean that they are wrong to be enjoying the game in a competitive way. In that pursuit, meters as a tool are much more important and if you get cut from the team because other people are performing what is needed better than you are that's not really a reason to grouse about meters. Of course, this still requires competent use because someone who focuses solely on DPS without understanding the fight and where it comes from is going to be cutting the wrong people and breaking their raid instead of improving it... Most of the folks competing for a world-first are already aware of that though.

There's also a third group of people not represented above and those are the people who want to complete raids and not spend their money on repairs caused because others are failing to fill their role. This is usually the place where you get people who don't know how to communicate or how to use meters and they cause a lot of the negative feel about meters. Maybe they don't understand the role of a class in a raid and they unfairly critique DPS based on meters without figuring out that you were busy with a debuff or a cleanse or something. Maybe they are not smart enough to realize that someone is great on trash and crap on bosses but they don't know how to look at the meter for just one fight. Maybe they don't realize that you can stack DPS and be eating rezes for the group and still top the meters while actually being a liability in the raid. (Yeah, I've seen all those raid leaders.)

Meters have a place but they were misused all the time in vanilla and TBC and so it is not surprising that people have a problem with them. Make better choices about who you play with and you won't have to worry about how the meters are being used.... (And remember, without group finders you'll actually have a lot more control over who you're grouping with so it will work out.)
It's the people saying specs aren't viable, which is wrong. They say you are bringing your raid group down. They bring up the dps scores of literally the 3 people playing the hybrid doing dps and comparing them versus everyone doing sub 1 min rag kills.

We are talking 300 dps vs 8-900 dps. I don't know anyone who does 8-900 dps single target in MC or BWL gear

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