UI and Macro
/run for k, v in pairs(C_Map.GetMapInfo(895)) do print(k, v) end

That'll give you the keys and data elements.

If you get back more goofy data like that, let me know. I'll modify that to dig deeper.
This from the BfA WoldMap code:
function WorldMapNavBar_GetDropDownList(self)
local list = { };
local mapInfo = C_Map.GetMapInfo(;
if ( mapInfo ) then
local children = C_Map.GetMapChildrenInfo(mapInfo.parentMapID);
if ( children ) then
for i, childInfo in ipairs(children) do
if ( IsMapValidForDropDown(childInfo) ) then
local entry = { text =, id = childInfo.mapID, func = WorldMapNavBar_OnDropDownEntryClick };
tinsert(list, entry);
table.sort(list, function(entry1, entry2) return entry1.text < entry2.text; end);
return list;

It seems to be a repeating structure from world(universe) down to sub-zone.
map.parentMapID -- if it has one
mapZones = C_Map.GetMapChildrenInfo(map.mapID)
if mapZones then
-- rinse and repeat

Edit: List of map types.
0 = "Cosmic"
1 = "World"
2 = "Continent"
3 = "Zone"
4 = "Dungeon"
5 = "Micro"
6 = "Orphan"
UnitBuff, UnitDebuff, and UnitAura(target, "Spell Name") seems to be gone now. It still works by index.
04/21/2018 04:04 PMPosted by Zensunim
UnitBuff, UnitDebuff, and UnitAura(target, "Spell Name") seems to be gone now. It still works by index.
For my addon, I've been pulling the lot (for i = 1, 40 do . . . end) every few frames anyway, but if that sticks, WeakAuras is going to have some work to do.
Hello everyone,

Reports are starting to roll in that Titan Panel is non-operational in Alpha. I am currently not participating in the Alpha due to an extensive increase in my work schedule this year. Once I get past Monday's premiere event and the release on Friday, I will have some free time to begin to investigate the problems before our next premiere event in late May and release in July. After that, I should have plenty of time to download the Beta and confirm full functionality before the final expansion release but I still may be able to get an Alpha version out in early May.

Thank you for your patience.
/dump C_Map.GetMapInfo(895)

is easier and /dump should work on everything (it wont do anything the very first time you use it, you have to allow custom scripts, after that it should just work)
theres also an /api command

/api bank
/api search bank
/api search map

most of the output is hyperlinked, click on it for more detailed info

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