[A] Magnificent Seventy (M7T) is rebuilding

Blackhand and Galakrond
Magnificent Seventy (Alliance) is rebuilding and welcoming ALL players. Want to move at a slower pace with in-game content without judgement? Then this casual, social guild is looking for you. We are looking to do OLD content whether it is raids, dungeons, transmog runs, achievements, or just about anything we can think of and/or get a group together for. Let's put the social back in WoW. Leave a message here or whisper in-game for invite or questions.
Hey, not to necro a thread, but Klahl, we chatted briefly in game and I'm interested in your guild but I forgot your battletag (doh!). Please let me know if you're still accepting players... Thanks!
I am interested about your guild
Yes we are still accepting new members.

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