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Who are the Falah'dure?

A group of kaldorei that seek to balance and restore Azeroth. Created by Archdruid Nymala Willowmoon, she seeks the aid of her brethren as well as any that walk the path of druidism and has her people’s blessing to restore the world to its ancient blueprint; most of the world as they knew it.
What do we accept?

The Falah’dure accepts all walks of kaldorei including the Highborne, demon hunters and twiceborne, but very limiting towards the other races. Neutral Nightborne will be a case-by-case basis, as well as Druids of the Scythe (Elune “blessed” worgen)
What is our purpose?

he Falah’dure’s purpose is to add a unique spin on night elf centric guilds. We understand it can be very suffocating to have only one race control the entirety of the story, but this also enriches the race’s culture. Therefore, close allies that the night elves have intimately helped are definitely allowed and even with some controversial (such as Alliance/Neutral Nightborne), but limited so if you want to take part, don’t hesitate.


We provide: a desirable, unique experience that explores every aspect of what it means to RP. We incorporate an array of styles; d20, social, walk-up applications, research and head canon, guild accepted lore and fannon, as well as camps in many areas that you can choose to revisit and create events for. The possibilities are endless!

Immersive Story: not only will there be a story you can jump in on upon joining, we love to hear feedback and ideas you have to offer for all of us to write with you. This is, first and foremost, a growth oriented RP guild. At the start, the GL and officers will create something but only to encourage activity and for your own thoughts and desires to prosper. Get inspired from one part of the story that you want to continue? Let us know! We can set something up. The world is our sandbox, and we are here to help.

Join the Falah'dure, and you can travel around to the world’s most famous and perilous scars and aid in clearing the land so that new life may grow and prosper.

Application: Open Recruitment; no application needed but this is TEMPORARY. Once we have a proper amount of individuals, we will be closing open recruitment


Links ↘
Website: http://falahdure.shivtr.com/
Application: http://falahdure.shivtr.com/site_applications
FAQ: http://falahdure.shivtr.com/forum_threads/2844611
Rules and Guidelines: http://falahdure.shivtr.com/forum_threads/2844488
Tumblr Advert: https://tinyurl.com/yb2rd23t
◠◡❧Druid of the Vine◠◡❧

Druids that take on aspects of a tree, using vines and roots as their offensive abilities and bark as their defense. Many use the cruder types of trees, while others can be seen taking on flowery appearances in their work. Some uphold themes such as a specific flower or tree, and will either specialize in offense, defense, healing, and sometimes all three.

My own personal creation. Instead of taking over a random NPC title from the game (like of the Grove), I created one and RP as the first practitioner of the totem. This is considered guild canon, and personal fan canon, but not canon in the game and do not force it on people unless they genuinely love the idea.
◠◡☠Druid of the Grave◠◡☠

Alive, undead, a mixture of both- these druids are some of the more controversial type. They take aspects of death and utilize them in a respectful and venerable fashion. To nurturing mushrooms and moss, to raising ghouls in the forms of animals.

Created by a death knight that wishes to be unknown (NPC until someone wishes to take up this mantle), he was devastated when the Lich King raised him, a passionate druid of the wild. Unable to let his teachings go, he did everything in his power to continue his calling before it was ripped away from him. Having success in the form of undeath and the flora and fauna that were starving for someone to be their champion, he created Druids of the Grave of any- alive or undead- that wish to be these forsaken effigies of undeath's voice.
◠◡☁☼Druid of the Storm◠◡☁☼

Druids that have a calling to the elements of weather. Before the orcs introduced shamanism to the Horde, the night elves had their druidic balance methods of lightning and storms in the forms of hurricanes. These druids have mastered the ways of creating and calming storms of many times; monsoons, hurricanes, blizzards, droughts. They are avatars of the climate to help bring balance back to ecosystems destroyed by unnatural means or to help create a habitat for endangered and refugee species.
It's wonderful to see the start of another Kaldorei guild! Should you not already have it, I can provide you a link to the Kaldorei Initiative Discord--where you can also advertise your guild. :)

Best of luck!
And if any of you need help with getting some immersive items or titles, we can try and help with that.

Imagine, being a druid with the title "the Dreamer." :) It's the best druid title in game. No one needs Archdruid.
Will be doing a public appearance recruitment drive here in a day or two! If you wish to be inducted IC or get in the guild via RP instead of application. Even if it's a new character, we have some people leveling as well.
You'll Falah in love with the concept! I guarantee.
Also, the night elf discord is putting together a makeshift raid team with mythic dreams. I'll be putting my dice in, and anyone within Falahdure can come as well.
Good luck to you guys! Nice to see more Nelf guilds around.
05/02/2018 04:36 PMPosted by Willowy
with mythic dreams.


Just Heroic, silly pants.
05/03/2018 07:17 AMPosted by Elliistra
05/02/2018 04:36 PMPosted by Willowy
with mythic dreams.


Just Heroic, silly pants.

ONE CAN DREAM. Some pretty amazing raiders in there with a huge turnout the first time around. can totally do it.
I have been debating bringing the guild off of hiatus, now all I need to do is decide whether to lead on my rogue or my druid!

Oh and I'll need some friendly individuals to help make RP happen. After all, if I created every character involved, I'd just make a novel and become a bestseller- actually...

.. not a bad idea hmmm
Officially brought back!! Keep an eye out for us, there's some new faces around.
On top of Druid of the Vine, we have no added Druid of the Grave and Druid of the Storm are in the works.

We also encourage others to add onto our growing list of druid totems (identities) so you can show case your creativity.
Sounds interesting. Where can we meet.
11/07/2018 11:53 AMPosted by Åthinios
Sounds interesting. Where can we meet.

Anywhere, any time. Add Willowy or Empress in-game, or add dylibird#6137 on Discord and I can give you everything you need to know :)
Sounds good. Give me a minute or two.

By the way, don't mind the whole Nightmare transmog thing. I assure you, i'm fully wholesome.
I may have to dust off one of my night elves for this :)
I am interested as well. I will contact you on game.
Ugh I love this. I've been struggling to figure out what to do with my Worgen DK, but I did head canon him as a former druid and but the idea of being a Druid of the Grave hadn't occurred to me! How wonderful!
11/07/2018 07:25 PMPosted by Wulfhram
Ugh I love this. I've been struggling to figure out what to do with my Worgen DK, but I did head canon him as a former druid and but the idea of being a Druid of the Grave hadn't occurred to me! How wonderful!

Yeah! I know a few other people whom had that thought in their head. Just because you're forced into servitude as undead doesn't mean you forget your... roots :^)

Adding another one to the list!

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