<Did We Log>? LF DPS for Core spots! {T/W/Th}


<Did We Log> (8/8H, 4/8M) is a semi-hardcore raiding guild based in Mal'ganis. We primarily enjoy Mythic Raiding and Mythic+ as a guild. Our goal is to achieve Cutting Edge before the tier ends, while also pushing our Mythic+ scores as a guild for fun, and to challenge ourselves.

For raid, we are primarily recruiting DPS (Prefer Rogues, Frost DKs, Warlocks, Hunters, Mages, and Healing offspecs) for Mythic Fetid Devourer progression.

We want players of all classes (ESPECIALLY ROGUES!!) for Mythic+!


Our schedule starts at 6:00 PM central time, and ends at 9:00 PM.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Raid invites will start 15 minutes before the raid starts. We will pull as soon as our raid group is filled.

Raid preparation:
We expect our raiders to:
*Know the Mythic raid bosses we are about to progress on, as well as the next.
*Come completely enchanted and gemmed; and stocked with flasks, food, and runes.
*Read guides from your Discord, and frequently check Talent/Legendary setups on Warcraftlogs.com for your class on any given fight.
*Review their logs.
*Come in with an good attitude!

We distribute loot via RC Loot Council. We will account for how good a piece is for a given player, and how long its been since they've last been given a piece. DPS > Tanks > Healers typically.
During BFA, we will have players keep what they want, then trade the rest to the ML, who will then put it into RCLC.

We expect Raiders to maintain at least 80% attendance to our 3 main raid nights; trials 90% attendance. Please use our Discord chat channel #raid_attendance to post when you will be out and why.

Mechanics, DPS, and your attitude will be reviewed when we form our rosters. Spots are competitive, and sometimes we will need to make room for another skilled player on the bench.

If you are interested in trialing for our guild, please add my Btag at Jmo#11508 (or my recruitment officers@ Helios#1580 and Codekko#1171) for a guild invite or for more information if needed. After you get a ginvite, please visit our website, at https://didwelogguild.enjin.com/ and fill out an application form, using the 'Apply Now' link. Talk to you soon!
We are very close to downing Kin'garoth! Still need a few more DPS players!!
Some are also willing to help gear up people that want to raid. We can help you run M+'s and normal/LFR to get gear you need to trial for raid spots. Whisper any officer or you can add me Bluejesus#11169
still just need a few more dps!!
We also push mythic+ keystones as a guild; on average we're high 2000s, with a few of us past 3000 raider.io score!
Tonight is our Mythic farm, don't miss your chance to trial :)
Big priority on Boomkins and Warlocks! Other DPS spots still available as well.
On top of our recruitment priority are Mages, so please apply!
Officially changing our Mythic raid schedule to 2 nights (for now)! Optional alt Heroics are now on Monday!
I have been back from my mini vacation from wow for about 4 months now. Currently I am playing my feral druid but I will be switching back to my lock come BF A. If you are still interested in a Warlock still mine is ilvl 935 Demo spec. If you are willing to help me get some gear I would love to join you playing him. My Frarl druid name is Hörrg of you want to view him since I am currently play him as main l. BUT I want to switch to my warlock.
Hi! We would like both of your toons to join us! If you're not Mythic ready it's alright, we're running Heroic farm on Monday, so you can learn the bosses, farm gear, and then move to Mythic once you're ready.
05/09/2018 05:19 AMPosted by Marillene
Hi! We would like both of your toons to join us! If you're not Mythic ready it's alright, we're running Heroic farm on Monday, so you can learn the bosses, farm gear, and then move to Mythic once you're ready.

Awesome .. I will speak with you when I get off of work should be around 3:30 pm CST today

Are you guys still recruiting?
I have 11/11 Heroic experience.
and I Have seen the vids for the first 6 mythic bosses.
I took a break once my guild decided to not push into mythic content.

My b-tag is: Kira#14766
Came a crossed your raid times and they would work out great for me. Looking for a group to finish out this tier. My current guild has broken on mythic Aggramar. Still need an enha Shammy? Already have RC loot and Exsorsus.
Looking for some more Ranged DPS to compete for our last raid spots!
Still looking for our primary needs of Ranged DPS, WW monks, and Feral Druids!
just killed Kin'garoth, and his stupid balls! We've gotten Varimathras to 35% as well, so come help us kill stuff!
Still looking for people to push the rest of Mythic and BFA with.!
I added all of you on btag, hope to talk to y'all soon!
950 Resto Shaman / 950 Frost Mage / 945 Affl Lock

Tons of other toons and options!!

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