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*raises eyebrow*
Curious to understand how the Kul Tirans view the Kaldorei?
Excerpt from Kul Tiras Marines Field Manual: Elves

III. Night Elves

aka Kaldorei, Longears, Darkears, Floppy-Eared !@#$s

The Night Elves are the direct descendants of the first Dark Trolls who were transformed and evolved due to their proximity to the Well of Eternity. They are a deeply spiritual people, many of them worshiping their moon-goddess called Elune, to whom they build temples and wells with magical healing waters. They hold a fanatical worship of the forest and primeval spirit animals, though they do not devolve into the savage practice of blood sacrifice performed by their Troll cousins.

Night Elves have traditionally been a backward caste society, with strict separations between genders and occupation. These archaic practices have begun to wane since the end of the Third War and their entry into the Alliance, with their exposure to more advanced, forward-thinking Human, Dwarven and Gnomish values. The conflicts between the various castes reached it's zenith ages ago when The Highborne, previously the highest caste within Night Elf society, was exiled after destruction of the Well of Eternity at the end of the War of the Ancients. The traditional castes are as follows:

The Sentinels
Consisting almost exclusively of female warriors, huntresses and scouts. Highly skilled in hit-and-run, ambush and unconventional warfare, they have been able to almost single-handedly halt the Horde advance into their lands due to their superior knowledge of the terrain.

The Wardens
Consisting almost exclusively of female warriors specializing in hunting down, capturing or assassinating particularly dangerous targets. The Wardens are highly capable scouts and strike with deadly precision.

The Druids
Perhaps the closest connection to their troll cousins due to the ritualistic practice of animal worship, the Druids consist almost exclusively of males who can shape-shift into various animal forms. They take on the role of spiritual leaders alongside with their priestesses and tend to live in underground burrows where they can sleep for years in a state of deep hibernation.

Priesthood of the Moon
The spiritual leaders of Night Elf society, the Priests and Priestesses of the Moon empower the various moon wells and temples with magical healing waters through the light of the moon.

Demon Hunters
Also known as the Illidari after their master Illidan Stormrage, Demon Hunters are not really part of the traditional Night Elf caste system, as they a sub-culture within Night Elf society who have been exiled for their use of Fel magic. Many of the Night Elves who saw their families murdered by the Burning Legion became overtaken with an unquenchable thirst for vengence, and vowed to do whatever it takes to defeat the Burning Legion and vanquish Demons from this world. They are particularly dangerous, even as allies, as their ferocity and steele resolve in battle is absolute, unwavering and without fear.

Physical Attributes:
Very tall, athletic and agile, with either silver-colored or gold-colored eyes. They feature prominently long, floppy ears as a result of their troll ancestry. Though they do not have tusks like their troll cousins, many Night Elves do have sharp canine teeth. Skin tones vary, but they vary somewhere between dark to pale purple skin tones, with some hints of blue. Hair colors and types vary, but many Night Elves have purple, blue, green or white hair, either bound in braids or draped wildly. Night Elves have particularly high upper body strength, due to their instinctual inclination to climb trees and swing around on tree branches to evade detection and forage for food. Demon Hunters will also feature demonic features, such as leathery wings, clawed hands, horns and demon-like legs, often wearing a bandanna over their eyes as they rely on magical sight after gouging out their own eyes in ritualistic self-mutilation.
((continued from previous post - not enough room!))

Behavioral Traits:
Night Elves have traditionally been a deeply reclusive, spiritual people, highly suspicious and dangerously aggressive towards outsiders who enter their lands. Not known for their hospitality, Night Elves have often been described as aloof to the plight of outsiders, though deeply protective of their own interests and lands. A recent exception to this was the aid they extended to the people of Gilneas who had been afflicted with the Worgen Curse, and their growing involvement in lending forces to the Alliance. Is it best to be deeply observant and critical of the motives of Night Elves. It is also suspected that they are responsible for the disappearance of Lieutenant Alverold and his scouting force as they explored the coast around Kalimdor and were set to rendezvous with Lieutenant Benedict in Tiragarde Keep in Durotar.

Despite their longevity and the wisdom that should come with thousands of years of accrued knowledge, Night Elves can be prone to fits of childish rage, jealousy and anger that can be exploited by intelligent enemies for the purpose of forcing costly errors on their part. When sufficiently provoked, a Night Elf may put their brothers and sisters in arms in grave danger while they pursue whatever personal vendetta is fueling their rage - all at the expense of both strategic and tactical advantage.

Be careful in putting your safety and the success of the mission solely on the shoulders of a Night Elf. By and large they are without the martial discpline and steele resolve to see the mission done as would be expected of a Kul Tiras Marine. They can still be helpful in a pinch as they are highly skilled combatants and their interests will often align with ours - especially when there are greenskins and spear chuckers to kill. If the battle is on Night Elf territory or protecting some kind of magical tree, holy shrubbery or sacred rock, you can be certain that they will not falter in their resolve.
Interested to hear what that field manual of yers says about us dwarf-folk!
Impressive. There is a segment of the population that was overlooked in your manual.

*coughs* Many lowborne Kaldorei of that bygone era served as soldiers and for the most part were loyal to Queen Azshara. Also they found it difficult to believe she was responsible for bringing the Legion to Azeroth.

When Jarod Shadowsong dissolved the standing army after the war many of us.. err Kaldorei Imperial Soldiers had no place to go especially when the warrior priestesses took over national defense.

Thus most of us became smiths, chefs, and laborers trying to find our way in this new world order. Most of us did not fit in with the new druidic society that replaced the empire.

*secretly longs for the return of the mighty Kaldorei Empire*

((Jarod Shadowsong for Warchief))
04/30/2018 03:17 PMPosted by Baelmar
Interested to hear what that field manual of yers says about us dwarf-folk!

The section on the dwarven clans is still in a draft form, but it is mostly recognition and admiration of how awesome dwarves are!
Excerpt from Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual: The Undead

III. The Forsaken

The Forsaken were once the re-animated inhabitants of the Kingdom of Lordaeron who were murdered by the Lich King and incorporated into The Scourge during the Third War. The Lich King's hold on these undead was broken by Sylvannas Windrunner near the end of the Third War.

Since the fall of the Lich King, Sylvannas Windrunner has taken to desecrating graves throughout Lordaeron, exhuming the dead and using the necromantic powers of the Val'kyr to turn them into undead. She offers them a false choice: be murdered once again by her hand, or serve as her minions in miserable undeath.

Still disoriented and distraught over their new form, most choose to serve her and are promptly sent out to commit atrocities in her name before they fully understand what has happened. She does this to erase the last lingering shred of humanity still within them, and force them into thinking there is no going back. Others choose to return to the grave where they belong. A brave few choose to fight back and resist the tyranny of this would-be Lich Queen.

Physical Attributes:
Like all Undead, the Forsaken are most readily identifiable by stinking, rotting flesh and exposed bones. Unlike the Scourge, most forsaken emit a haunting glow from their eyes. They do not require sleep, food, or rest, though some choose to partake - a pitiful attempt to remember some of the joys of life. The extent and degree of decomposition varies between individuals, with some having grafted metal reinforcements into their skeletons to shore up areas of their body with extensive bone and tissue loss.

Behavioral Traits:
Many forsaken exist in a state of abject misery and mass delusion, fueled by hate, fear and envy. They retain all their memories from life, a distant dream which gets further and further away with each passing day existing in the unnatural state of undeath. Most believe that they retain their free will, but still choose to merely exist under the tyrannical and self-interested thumb of the Banshee Queen Sylvannas Windrunner, mere arrows in her quiver to be discarded at her convenience.

The Forsaken are pushed to commit and witness atrocities which would have driven them mad with sorrow, guilt and despair in life, further destroying what little humanity they had left when they were first re-animated. A few recognize their humanity at the moment of re-animation, their grave freshly desecrated, and choose to return to the grave or seek out others who would rather fight and die a second time rather than become instruments of villainy. Others still remember their friends and loved ones, and do not wish to see them share the same fate being forced upon them by the Banshee Queen.

Empowered by dark magic, the Undead are extremely vulnerable to the power of The Light. The Forsaken are near impervious to interrogation techniques. It is advised to show them mercy by destroying their rotting, corporeal shell. Cleanse the taint from the broken bodies of the fallen so they may be One with The Light, and regain the peace they lost when they were desecrated by the Banshee Queen and the Lich King.

The Forsaken are cowardly by definition, fearing the death which has already taken them once more, and fearing the judgement which awaits them for having committed atrocities in the name of the Lich King and Banshee Queen. Remember that the Forsaken are mere victims, and we must show them the mercy of the Light and grant them a final death so they may finally be at peace. Deep down, this is what they want, even if they resist your attempts to save them from themselves.
Excerpt from Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual: Elves

IV. Thalassian Elves

aka Sin'Dorei (Blood Elves), Quel'Dorei (High Elves), Ren'Dorei (Void Elves), Pointy-Eared Princesses, Pretty Little Faeries.

Thalassian Elves refers to all the different groups of elves who hold a common heritage with the ancient High Elf civilization which was established in Quel'thalas after the Night Elf Highborne were exiled from Kalimdor because they would not give up their studies of the Arcane. These different groups of elves were once part of the same Kingdom of Quel'thalas until The Scourge ravaged their lands during the Third War, destroying their capital of Silvermoon and corrupting the Sunwell from which the elves drew their power.

Prior to the Third War, the Thalassian Elves had maintained a friendship with the human Empire of Arathor, when the humans helped the elves who were on the verge of defeat against the Forest Trolls of the Amani Empire. In exchange for their aid, the Thalassian Elves taught 100 humans the secrets of magic, and over time the ranks of human arcanists expanded greatly, culminating in the construction of the Violet Citadel and the City of Dalaran where Humans and Thalassian Elves have lived and studied the Arcane Arts together for thousands of years.

After the Third War, the circumstances have changed and Thalassian Elves can now be broken down into three different groups:

By far the largest of the Thalassian Elf groups, the Sin'dorei (Blood Elves in the Common tongue) are the vast majority of the survivors of the Scourging of Quel'thalas. Prior to the Third War, these Blood Elves were known as High Elves, and changed their name to Blood Elves in honor of the dead who had been killed by the Scourge. The Sin'dorei are led by Lor'themar Theron from their capital of Silvermoon. Prior to the ascension of Lor'themar Theron, they were led by Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, who under the tutelage of Illidan Stormrage learned how to tap into the powers of the Fel to sate the elves' addiction to magic. The Sunwell was eventually purified of the Fel with the help of the Draenei, Prophet Velen and the naru M'uru. This purified Sunwell now provides a source of Holy magic to the Sin'dorei.

While the Thalassian Elves in Silvermoon and Quel'thalas were largely wiped out by the Scourge, there was a sizeable number living in the Human Kingdoms and also some in Quel'thalas who disagreed with Kael'thas Sunstrider's call to utilize the powers of the Fel to sate their magical addiction. These elves, still calling themselves High Elves, believed that there were other ways to maintain their connection to the Arcane without tainting themselves with the Fel. For their insubordination, they were exiled from Quel'thalas. Having always lived around Humans, the Quel'dorei now live in the various human kingdoms as guests, angered that they were exiled from their homes simply for honoring their values and traditions over blood and race. The Quel'dorei are most commonly found in the City of Dalaran where they form a sizeable militray force in the Silver Covenant, and also in the Mage District of Stormwind where many of them have found a new home until the day they can restore sanity to Quel'thalas.

A sect of Blood Elves who were exiled from Quel'thalas for studying the powers of the Void, the Ren'dorei (or Void Elves in the Common tongue) are masters of Void energies and study under the tutelage of Lady Alleria Windrunner to harness the powers of the Void while resisting the maddening whispers of the Void Lords and their minions. They have chosen to use the enemy's power against them, much like the Demon Hunters used the powers of the Fel to combat the Burning Legion.

((continued next post))
Physical Attributes:
Thalassian Elves of all types are slender, athletic with fine facial features and long, pointy ears, though not as long or floppy as seen on Night Elves or Nightborne. Female Thalassian Elves are famous for being exceptionally beautiful, while the males are typically regarded as comically effeminate and can easily be confused with a female human or elf - a characteristic which has historically led to many Thalassian females to prefer more masculine human men as mates and the resulting propagation of half-elves, especially in areas where Thalassian Elves and Humans have historically lived together such as Dalaran, Lordaeron and Stormwind. Thalassian Elves eye color is typically an indication of the source from which they draw their magic.

Blood Elves typically have fair skin and fine Blonde hair or Red Hair, but some have black hair. Most Blood Elves exhibit bright green as a result of their consumption of Fel energy after the destruction of the Sunwell, though since the most recent cleansing of the Sunwell and their newfound empowerment by the Holy Light.

High Elves are similar to Blood Elves, but usually have
lighter-skinned and have light blonde hair or blue hair. Some High Elves have spent much of their time in the wilds as part of the ranger contingent tend to also adorn their bodies with tribal tattoos and war paints.

Void Elves typically have deathly pale skin and darker hair with tendril-like blue and purple void-empowered glow.

Behavioral Traits:
Thalassian Elves are a highly intelligent, analytical people with a close connection to magical energies. Prior to the Scouring of Quel'thalas, they were often regarded as a somewhat cloistered, secretive people, but with a benevolent culture that maintained an affinity and respect for life and the natural world. Since that time, the Blood Elves tend to be more war-like and defensive in stature as a response to how close they came to becoming extinct. Their high intelligence also makes them capable of complex and effective deceptions that would rival the guile of a Nathrezim. By contrast, High Elves have largely maintained a more amicable and calm culture, except for when the Blood Elves are concerned as the High Elves tend to regard the Blood Elves as traitors to their people's traditions and values, having sided with the monstrous Horde. The Void Elves are the most secretive of the three, devoting much of their time to the study of the Void though doing so with little moral reservation and with a steele determination to master and dominate the dark forces for the good of all.

Thalassian Elves' greatest weakness is their reliance on sources of magical energy to sustain themselves. Without a source of magic, Thalassian Elves will begin to devolve into emaciated husks driven only by the overwhelming consumption of mana to sate their uncontrolled addiction and desperation. Mana deprivation has been shown to be an effective, if very slow, means of extracting information from Blood Elves, though doing so requires coordination by powerful Arcanists who are able to counter attempts to siphon mana directly from the life essence of their interrogators.

Despite the betrayal by a large proportion of the Thalassian population against their historical allies, Thalassian Elves continue to be an important part of both the Horde and the Alliance. Their sharp intellect and affinity for all things magical make them powerful enemies and allies depending on what side they happen to be on. It is one of the objectives of the Kul Tiras Marines to reach out to those within the lower strata of Thalassian society and bring them back into the fold, in order to re-establish the unity in the Eastern Kingdoms which at one point brought peace and prosperity to all our peoples.
Link to our RP campaign for Operation Greater Good, involving Boralus Intelligence espionage into the Forsaken Blight.

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guys have been around for ages i remember one of my characters on maelstrom was in the guild lol. Thinking to myself you guys would reemerge considering the Bta expansion looks really kultiras lore heavy glad to see you guys making a comeback.
05/15/2018 11:09 AMPosted by Spartious
guys have been around for ages i remember one of my characters on maelstrom was in the guild lol. Thinking to myself you guys would reemerge considering the Bta expansion looks really kultiras lore heavy glad to see you guys making a comeback.

Glad to see we're not the only Maelstrom refugees out here! We're definitely looking forward to BFA and finally getting to have Kul Tiras in the game. If you happen to have an Alliance character sitting around you're more than welcome to re-join :)
Excerpt from Kul Tiras Marines Field Manual: Shipboard Operations

IX. Scuttling

The only time to scuttle the ship is in the extremely unlikely event that the ship has been crippled during a naval engagement against Horde forces. Under these conditions, the main mast must have been severed, the rigging lines cut, rudder disabled and the main deck is completely over-run with enemies. If the main deck is over-run with enemies, then it is the Horde's intent to capture the vessel rather than sink it. This cannot ever be allowed to happen, and it is your duty as a Kul Tiras Marine to scuttle the ship rather than allow it fall into enemy hands.

The Standard Operating Procedure for Scuttling is as follows:

1. Take the Fight Below Deck.
Marines are to get below deck and keep fighting hand-to-hand, using your superior knowledge of the ship's layout, choke-points and compartments to make the deck planks black with the blood of our enemies. The officer in charge must shout the order "BELOW DECK!" - and all Marines are to look for the nearest hatch or scuttle and take the fight down below. Marines at the front must be armed with shields to deflect incoming grenade blasts, arrows and thrown weapons. Grenades that penetrate through the shield barrier must be tossed overboard through the broadside gun ports before they detonate or covered over with a shield to absorb the blast and direct the force of the explosion down into the bottom deck or the bilge.

2. Utilize Confined Space Cannon Fire
Marines already on the gun deck when enemy boarding begins are to to untie any broadside cannons not pointed at the boarding enemy vessel, aim them towards each hatch leading to the main deck and load them with anti-personnel shot. Aim the cannon at the hatch where our enemies are pouring into the gun deck and be prepared to fire at your commander's orders. The officer in charge must shout the order "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" - upon hearing this every Marine is to push port or starboard and clear the centerline and maximize enemy deaths while minimizing friendly fire. Broadside canons aimed towards the boarding enemy vessel should be loaded with anti-personnel shot and aimed at the enemy gun deck to clear it of enemy personnel and facilitate our entry into their ship later on.

3. Prep for Detonation
While the fighting continues below deck, Marines within close proximity to the powder magazine are to move as many kegs of powder to mid-ship where a detonation will cause maximum damage and rip the ship in half. Time-delayed Thorium Charges are to be utilized to accomplish this. Once the Orcs begin to make a push towards our cannons, and the fire team manning the hatch cannon won't have enough time to prep another shot, the officer in charge is to arm the thorium charge kept in the scuttling kit outside the magazine. Light that mother!@#$er up and let every greenskin in the surrounding waterways see what happens when they try to seize a ship of the Kul Tiras Navy.

4. Abandon Ship
When the officer in charge has lit and tossed the time-delayed thorium charges into the powder magazine, he will shout out the order "ABANDON SHIP!", at which point you will only have less than 30 seconds to abandon ship before the thorium charge detonates, setting off the entire powder magazine and taking the ship and any attacking Horde to the bottom of the sea. Marines are to jump out of the broadside gun ports towards the enemy boarding vessel, which will now be depleted of enemy troops and ripe for being taken over from within. Each gun port on our ship will have sets of climbing and grappling hooks which can taken before jumping into the water, and be used to scale the side of an enemy ship.

not enough room... continued in next post...
... continued from previous post

5. Board Enemy Vessel
Stay below water when our ship detonates to maximize your chances of surviving the blast. The water will protect you from the concussion of the blast and the resulting fireball, but will not protect you from debris launched due to the explosion. Wait a few seconds after the fireball has flashed, swimming towards the enemy vessel. Once you reach the hull of the enemy vessel, secure a scaling hook to the siding and give yourself a short respite before you begin the climb up to their gun ports. You should see fellow Marines pulling up to the side at this point as well. While the enemy is still disoriented from the explosion and the concussion from the blast, begin scaling up the side up from the waterline towards their gun ports. Once you are just below the gun port, pause and wait for other Marines to get into position. All Marines are to enter the gun port simultaneously and immediately kill any enemies on deck who survived the close-in barrage of anti-personnel canon fire. Most of the gunners would have been sent on the boarding mission or will be dead already, but some will still be onboard.

6. Seize Control
Secure the gun deck and the powder magazine. The ship you have just boarded will be a skeleton crew, as most of it's fighting force will be at the bottom of the sea along with our ship. Those onboard would consist of officers, navigators, riggers, tillermen and damage control engineers. Proceed with stealth and intelligence, as it is likely that the enemy officers are unaware of our force onboard their vessel. Assemble what remains of our crew and arm yourselves with whatever weapons you have available. Your mission will be to kill what remains of the enemy force and seize control of the ship to attempt to make an escape.

7. Escape or Death
If you are unable to seize control of the enemy ship, be prepared to go down with it. Man the cannons against the hatches just as you did on our vessel. Make your peace, and be prepared to die for Kul Tiras. Find comfort in knowing that there will be a lot more dead greenskins than Marines, and you have sent a very powerful message to our enemies - a message that may save the lives of other Marines in other battles. There are far worse fates than being pulverized in battle - being blasted to little pieces ensures that rotting !@#$% Sylvannas won't try to raise your broken body into one of her slaves and turn you against your fellow Marines.

You have served Kul Tiras, your people and your Marines with Honor and distinction. You have done your duty and served with Honor. Die well.

Pre-BFA web comic, we see Jaina wrestling with her inner demons and her regret at having betrayed her father and his forces to the Horde.
(( MINOR SPOILERS )) RE: Kul Tiran Druids

I'm keeping the spoilers here to a minimum and only providing very general background information.

This is some basic lore information incase anyone is looking to make a Kul Tiran druid for BFA and are wanting to put together a background.

When Kul Tiras was settled by Gilneans from the Empire of Arathor, there was already a native population on the island - the Drust. Most of the Drust decided to wage war against the new settlers - except for a small sect of druids called the Thornspeakers. All druids will learn from Ulfar the High Thornspeaker - the last of the Drust druids. Like all other druids, they seek balance in the cycle of nature - life and death.

Those wanting to read more and not minding a few spoilers can google the lore of the Thornspeakers.
RP of our participation at the Stonewatch Accords, forming a coalition with several Alliance groups to deprive the Horde of the Azerite deposits springing up in Kalimdor.

RP of the evening after the battle for Un'goro Crater

excerpt from Kul Tiras Marine Field Manual: Beastiary

II. Orcs

aka "Greenskins", "Greenbacks", "Blackbloods", "Zugzugs"

By far the most vile of all the Horde species, Orcs are an invasive, parasitic species from the World of Draenor. Prior to the opening of the Dark Portal at the onset of the First War, the Orcs conducted a campaign of bloodthirsty genocide against the peaceful, Light-blessed Draenei who were fleeing the Burning Legion. Having killed off most of the Draenei, the monstrous Orcs turned on one-another, several clans being destroyed before they were subjugated by sheer brute force of the more powerful clans and their leaders - eventually coalescing into the vile Orcish Horde that invaded Azeroth with the opening of the Dark Portal.

The stories and memories from those who survived the atrocities carried out by the Orcs - not only on Draenor but also during their invasion of Azeroth - have left a dark mark on the history of both worlds. The scars in the hearts and minds of the survivors can only be healed by the utter extermination of the Orc species, and the complete destruction of their culture of savagery, brutality and malice.

Physical Attributes:
Hugely muscular, thick bone structure, green skin (sometimes brown or ashen in tone), pronounced brow, sunken soul-less eyes, pointed ears, tusks and sharp-toothed grin with a characteristic steady drool, cranial size relatively small compared to overall size. The green skin is a result of demonic corruption from the Burning Legion - as if the cultural glorification of murder and genocide weren't already enough.

Behavioral Traits:
Unbridled bloodlust, malicious, violent, short temper, dull intellect, poor speech, fascination with spikes and sharp, shinny objects, cruelty, disdain for gestures of mercy.

Easily swayed with the promise of power, glory or the opportunity to commit murderous acts. Crippling inability to solve complex problems through the use of logic and intelligence. Over-reliance on brute strength to the exclusion of other effective means for solving problems. Short temper easily exploited, Orcs are easily baited into a trap with even the most minor provocation.

Orcs are a stain on this world that must be erased with extreme prejudice. Decapitation is the preferred method for accomplishing this as their physical resilience allows them to recover from injuries that would be fatal to most other species. A popular term among Orcs is "Lok'tar Ogar!" which means "Victory or Death". Give them what they deserve - the only good greenskin is a dead greenskin!

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